Silly mood by Eve

I am in a silly mood Certainly not for lack of food This crazy streak May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!

cyberspace meet

In cyberspace there  is a race By people who want a different space Who need to add a layer on Too meet new friends not take them home Some of them just pass us by touch our lives but make us cry Others linger sharing stories Of life and love and other glories For some … More cyberspace meet

First post Internet relationships

I am writing a novel set around internet friendships and have done much research into emotional relationships. I have not been researching the internet dating scene, those people who are actively  searching. Instead I have. been looking at relationships that have occurred serendipitously. Relationships that spring from chance meetings on games sites or the social … More First post Internet relationships