Starting a game…maybe starting a friendship.

wpid-img_20150628_102816.jpgIts six in the morning John is still asleep so I pick up my phone and flick onto my Crozzle games not too many people have played, so I complete the games.I decide to start a new random game, there is no thumbnail picture and the avatar name is heyyou so I have no idea who the player might be. The first turn belongs to heyyou and the board is configured so that there are a bank of triple word scores under the start square. heyyou quickly makes a move and scores 650 points. I grimace, that I think is the game lost before I have actually played. I see the speech symbol has been activated and touch the screen to open the conversation .

‘ Sorry we can start a new game if you like’

‘Good score, 650 is going to be hard to beat but that’s the luck of the random board.  No, but thanks for the offer ,l love to play and each game is a mini round to me. Though that score is impressive, laughing here!!! ’

‘Haha very true I am usually the one on the other side of it when this board appears.’

‘You usually play on the classic board, do you prefer that?’

‘No I normally play on the random.’

Ok only I have a couple of friends who wont play on the random board they don’t like the unpredictability.

‘Well I am here now and I am more happy to play with you’

That is an interesting remark, I think,  he/she is obviously up to play more than one game. I smile as I type.

‘Thanks and to thrash me too! ’

‘Haha I just got lucky that’s all! ’

‘My names Eve by the way.’

‘Mine is Pete nice to meet you’

‘You are very gorgeous and attractive I might add’

‘Well thank you kind sir, an early morning compliment!’

I look at the blank avatar picture of heyyou and decide to be cheeky

‘You have an interesting face too ‘

I play grips on the board for 20 points, grin and type

‘Way to go to catch you! Though going to have to stop soon.’

‘Do you have to go I was having a blast’

‘Thank you, yes. I have to go, but will be back, need a toast stop’

‘I will let you have your toast stop I need to get some sleep!’

‘So are you working nights or living outside the UK?’

‘Ha! I am from Texas and its 2.06 am here’

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