Month: Jan 2016





Unbridled Passion
Unexpressed aching
Unquenchable thirst

Desires of the flesh
Deliciously naughty
Desperatel need

Make love.



The emotions, emanating,effortlessly
Are heightened now tremendously
As you hold me, so your touch
Ignites a fire, as our lips close crush
Tongues intertwine
Feelings divine
Hands reach out and caress
Sliding inside my dress
Sending shivers down my spine
Feeling hot
Ready to drop
Head first into ecstasy.

Sweet Dreams

Curled up neatly
Sleeping tight
Mind over flowing
Sexy dreams fight
Sheets dampen
Thrashing limbs
Feeling touch
Tunnel dims
Tease arouse
Embrace tight
Ghostly presence
Lips fight
Breathless steamy
Arms clamp
Spooning sweetly
Features blank
Moaning rises
Breathing lust
Urges surge
Sanity bust
Sleeping wildly
Dreams asunder
Throb and contract
Weak with wonder.


Plums that are purple bring pictures to my mind
Smooth skinned and peachy not even lined
Warm tasting nectar
Sweet on the tongue
Those thoughts delecte me
Sustain me on the run
Plums that are purple bring pictures to my mind
Smooth skinned and peachy just my kind


The aura surrounding you, mellifluous sound and light
Colours blending and changing, music in my mind
Your aura enchants me,pure cosmic delight
There’s beauty, surrounding us keeping love inclined
Flagrant words,that cannot tell meaning of the whole
The obtuse sits beside us and on bad days bends our karma
Working together, syncopating our needs, puts blackness on parole
Striving for growth boosting the factors that keeps our souls, glued conquered
Colouring our world with lights and joy.


Changing a viewpoint

My partner, disrespects me,
He leaves the house a mess
His socks are dirty on the floor
Have you seen his vest?
My partner doesn’t do his share
It really makes me hop
Often he forgets  to bring
Home something from the shop
It shows he doesn’t value me, shows such a lack of care
He doesn’t call me regularly, don’t know how, he would dare.

I don’t think he really loves me
He flirts with other girls
He says he’s being pleasant
I sneer when this occurs
I want all his attention
It’s how life should be
Although he’s really got quite boring
I am sure you would agree
I understand his motives can read him like a book
I think I need to put him down, if only with a look

Let me hold that thought, is there another way
If I change my focus, are his actions so passee
Am I seeing lack of love, showing insecurity
Are his actions aimed to hurt, be  truly nasty
Does it mean I am devalued, my minds a centrifuge
I think I am over reacting wanting things my own way
Maybe I want to change him, to what I want to see
If I change my focus find a new way to interplay
Our relationship should live ,expand get better every day
We need to talk and listen more, hold our differences at bay

Looking with another eye, I love the unique man
I should share his eye for beauty, encourage while I can
He chooses to share with me,  I should be feeling sublime
It’s not about my value, if he errs from time to time
If I change my focus, and stop carping, find a way
Our relationship should live ,expand get better every day
If I can’t see him as unique and feel happy with his feet of clay
Then I am in the wrong relationship, need to call it a day