Restless Romantic Rapture Sensual Seductive Smooth Tantalising Textured Touch Unbridled Passion Unexpressed aching Unquenchable thirst Desires of the flesh Deliciously naughty Desperatel need Meet Meld Make love. Release Rapture Roused.


The emotions, emanating,effortlessly Are heightened now tremendously As you hold me, so your touch Ignites a fire, as our lips close crush Tongues intertwine Feelings divine Hands reach out and caress Sliding inside my dress Sending shivers down my spine Feeling hot Ready to drop Head first into ecstasy.

Sweet Dreams

Curled up neatly Sleeping tight Mind over flowing Sexy dreams fight Sheets dampen Thrashing limbs Feeling touch Tunnel dims Tease arouse Embrace tight Ghostly presence Lips fight Breathless steamy Arms clamp Spooning sweetly Features blank Moaning rises Breathing lust Urges surge Sanity bust Sleeping wildly Dreams asunder Throb and contract Weak with wonder.


Plums that are purple bring pictures to my mind Smooth skinned and peachy not even lined Warm tasting nectar Sweet on the tongue Those thoughts delecte me Sustain me on the run Plums that are purple bring pictures to my mind Smooth skinned and peachy just my kind


The aura surrounding you, mellifluous sound and light Colours blending and changing, music in my mind Your aura enchants me,pure cosmic delight There’s beauty, surrounding us keeping love inclined Flagrant words,that cannot tell meaning of the whole The obtuse sits beside us and on bad days bends our karma Working together, syncopating our needs, puts … More Aura