Month: Feb 2016


To be a cougar you have to know,
What one is, although,
Maybe you don’t, it’s in the flow,
Young men wanting to try the life,
Propositioning older women, that seems rife,
Wanting  good sex that experience brings,
Wanting sex with no restricting  strings,
Offering themselves as a sex machine,
Must be the older woman’s dream,
To be a cougar you must be on the prowl,
Does the cougar become prey, when the young buck howls?

Youthfulness v age..

In my twenties I was shy
No self confidence, didn’t pull the guys
Body language, tended to say, dont talk, go away

In my thirties feeling better, career confidence, go getter
Maybe still a little self conscious, in the social whirl but getting better
Body language more open ,comprehensive, come talk am groving

In my forties, living life, career rocketing
Good social life, developing hobbies life more astonishing
Body language open, strengths known, come talk and smile with me

In my fifties, wanting to change, career pressures become a pain
Realising the need to nurture  the self, easier then to explain
Body language confident open, master of experiences, come spark with me

In my sixties self fulfilled, feeling youthful, body in tune, chilled
Seem to have matured like fine wine, feel more attractive more aligned
Body language all inclusive, reinvented, jumping fences, come fly with me.

Age today, is not about getting old
Youthfulness is lifestyle, be bold
Listen to your bodies song, and the compliments, because you are awesome.


Caring for self

Where do you stand, in your life
Top, bottom, or middle, a worker in the hive
Are you on the treadmill, running out of control
Trying to please everybody, multiple roles
Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths
Give to others, go to any lengths
Feel stressed and unhappy
Try to struggle on, be crappy
Maybe time to stop take a breath
Review your priorities, centre yourself
If you love others you have to love you
Enables a more balanced point of view

I thought for a while

I thought for a while you were my soul mate, true
We chatted and laughed the whole day through
I told myself to stay aloof
We were friends, oh yes that’s the truth
I knew I wasn’t the only one
That you were only having fun
I tried to stay a friend not a lover
Though thoughts can’t be pigeon holed, I discovered
We did some sexy cyber scenes
Kept my oxytocin in check by ways and means
I kidded myself we had a special bond
You shared things with me, as we went beyond
I flattered myself that you liked my advice
Thought your sharing was unique, that was totally imprecise
As time went on I found that I was given
The same the same information as the other women
The time we shared was fun unique
But most of the content, was shared by the clique
So I was kidding my self, I had a special place
Your heart was shut tight, it was a power Base
I thought you were my soul mate true
I let my feelings out for you
I have reeled them back
Though you still attract
We talk sometimes the attraction now strained
I think how naive, not how I trained
I still feel wounded at your lack of care
You are oblivious, what was there, there?
I am one who kept my head
Fell a little, kept friendship instead
I thought for a while you were my soul mate true
Knowing you are not, still makes me blue.

Inspired by Converging Lives