Abstract picture

We meet online, Talk and chat,communication divine, I think I am a muse in your mind, Your imagination, adds a lustre to this kind, Adds virtues to my array, That I in reality don’t display, You read between the lines, And see only actions fine, The sketch of me, That you can see, Is part … More Abstract picture

You beguile me

The messages and the pictures Are sent to beguile and bewitch us I am there for you and you for me To add another layer to infinity To help us take some pleasure To become bonded, measure for measure The melted state that you can create Makes me glad that you are my mate Leaves … More You beguile me

Hustle and bustle

Hurley burley , hustle and bustle Life rushes by, without much tussle Sometimes carried along, like flotsam in a flood Sometimes focused ,clear goals,understood Blink it seems and the day has gone Decisions made, right or wrong Learnt behaviour steers the ship Though at times it scuttles it Obligatory choices need cause a pause Self … More Hustle and bustle

Caught in Passion

Verse, to brighten up your day Not into verse? why not look anyway? Available on Amazon, in print or kindle Has pictures too, so not a swindle Dips into friendship, beliefs and love Browse, fit your mood like a glove Lastly a little desire Maybe make,your mood catch fire It could be you will catch … More Caught in Passion

Moving ideas

Out of my mind, onto the page, Ideas stream, words just rage, Clamouring  for release, urging me on, My love for life, drives the marathon, Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace, The need to transcribe, a daily race, Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction, Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.


Archipelago An archipeligo of islands laying in the sun Sea narrowed and channelled making funnelled runs The ship making twists and turns As she winds the  laborious path Moving the views round and round From Islands green to rocky ground White yachts beating as they weave and race Speedboats charge and set the pace Passengers … More Archipelago


Cymbals crashing in the sky Staccato rain blowing by Grey and dark The heavens split Zig zag flashes Dash and flit Thunder rolls we count the time To gauge the storms centre line Dark clouds roil, gold underlit Nature’s majesty unfurled Watching in awe it’s dominance of our world