The need to write

Out of my mind, onto the page, Ideas stream, words just rage, Clamouring for release, urging me on, My love for life, drives the marathon, Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace, The need to transcribe, a daily race, Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction, Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction

A thousand desires

A thousand desires Maybe more I can feel you draw As you trace the fibres Of my being Rose coloured beauty My reaction to you spooky A window to a world intriguing As we draw closer You evoke furthermore A thousand desires, maybe more Let’s make disclosure.

Moving closer

Excited by the flirtation Every move a revelation She steps ever closer Shedding her composure Should she take a chance Her heart before, was lanced Protecting that healed wound Must not leave her bound Time to take the plunge New world’s, old world’s expunge No time to reminisce Now is the time for bliss Excited … More Moving closer

Desperate for Love

Desperate for love, she gets taken in, Her need stops her checking  the words on the tin, Married and unhappy, feeling cheated of love, Looking for her white knight, to love her no bluff, She talks on the Internet,  to the men that she meets, If they are responsive, her hopes are increased, Her heart … More Desperate for Love

New day

New day Risky venture Make it pay Add adventure Try for balance Look for positives Misery absence Grab your prerogatives Mix some kindness Listen and understand Don’t be mindless Life expand New day Make it count Learn from yesterday Try the profound Recognise joy Ride the angst, and revile Don’t be a decoy Find that … More New day

Light a spark

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves Energy, jumps from you to me, ablaze I feel set free, relaxed able to be Join me in my wonder Send me to heights, sate my hunger Liberate me, Join me Ignite me,light a spark within


Blackbird tapping on the window pane Demanding sultanas, a recognised claim I react, He has me well trained First thing in the morning, my reflex ingrained Put on the kettle, take out the box, open the window Scatter some stock, our winter ritual, me his slave Now in the spring, more demanding, he will rave … More Blackbird

Time together

Standing close I drink the view I trace your mouth The essence of you I gaze in your eyes I drown in their pools My emotions stretched Sexuality  infused Your hot breath Grazes my cheek Take a step nearer Feeling kind of weak Feeling your heartbeat Meshing with mine Safe now in your arms In … More Time together