New dimension

In you I found a new dimension Quirky humour sparking tension A tiny fragment of another life Shared joys and sometimes strife Sparking laughter sharing pleasure An interlude that’s hard to measure Help and advice across the miles A meet that helps me harmonise A test of minds pitted against the other New facets yet … More New dimension

Daily grind

Day in day out,same thing, Daily grind, yawn, hide, everything, Same conversations, no variation, Stumbling along, no investigation, Small smiles, little spring, Life goes on, predictable swing, Grounded needing a firm foundation, Build, grow,make it an occasion, Day in day out, change a thing, Make each day count, starts within, Life in life out, that’s … More Daily grind

Feeling erotic

Health warning darling I am feeling erotic Don’t be disturbed or overally neurotic I am sitting on the bed watching through the door Your silhouette in the shower, as you soap and maybe more You know I am here, you stop acting demure Your movement accentuate a seductive lure It’s filling me with desire, should … More Feeling erotic


Hold the joy of the moment, Tell me your dreams, Let’s get together in intimate schemes, Is this the start of forever,or As one of the crowd, just a fleeting fling, I want to know you better, know everything, More than a friend I want to be a passion, Can I stoke your imagination, Making … More Now

I got carried away

I got carried away by our interaction I know it was a source of mutual attraction I got carried away by your seeming caring Those whispered words and the texts endearing I imagined we shared something special at times I am sure we did, but we were fleetingly aligned You had the others Then there … More I got carried away