Month: May 2016

New dimension

In you I found a new dimension
Quirky humour sparking tension
A tiny fragment of another life
Shared joys and sometimes strife
Sparking laughter sharing pleasure
An interlude that’s hard to measure
Help and advice across the miles
A meet that helps me harmonise
A test of minds pitted against the other
New facets yet to discover
Friendship comes in different guises
An extra dimension summarises.

Inspired by DB.

Daily grind

Day in day out,same thing,
Daily grind, yawn, hide, everything,
Same conversations, no variation,
Stumbling along, no investigation,
Small smiles, little spring,
Life goes on, predictable swing,
Grounded needing a firm foundation,
Build, grow,make it an occasion,
Day in day out, change a thing,
Make each day count, starts within,
Life in life out, that’s creation,
You are only constrained by your imagination,
Day in day out, take wing,
Live life scintillating.

The Book that is me

I wish I could read you the book that is me,
Unfortunately, I am dyslexic about my essence you see,
I try to be true to myself  and that’s just fine,
Till I try to unravel emotions, and motives, twisted and hidden,some undefined,
I am passionate, energetic, a lover of learning,
Apathetic and lazy my negatives churning,
I want to put everything right with the world,
To make a difference not remain unheard,
My heads full of secrets I would rather keep,
My dyslexia keeps them hidden even when I sleep,
Am I out in the world or hidden under the bed,
Maybe you can tell, I would rather not dwell,
Am I trying to fit into this crazy world,
Or being myself unreserved,
I think you will have to read my book,
Find out for yourself, checkout  the whole don’t overlook,
I hope you will see someone open and caring,
With a sense of humour meant for sharing,
I am not a totally open book,
Open the pages and have a look.

Feeling erotic

Health warning darling I am feeling erotic
Don’t be disturbed or overally neurotic
I am sitting on the bed watching through the door
Your silhouette in the shower, as you soap and maybe more
You know I am here, you stop acting demure
Your movement accentuate a seductive lure
It’s filling me with desire, should I join you
Or just watch, and enjoy the view
As our eyes briefly touch
I am lusting for you..


Hold the joy of the moment,
Tell me your dreams,
Let’s get together in intimate schemes,
Is this the start of forever,or
As one of the crowd, just a fleeting fling,
I want to know you better, know everything,
More than a friend I want to be a passion,
Can I stoke your imagination,
Making you smile, in a pleasure survey,
I so want to be part of your inventory,
Hold the joy of the moment,
As you hold me close,
Not worry about tomorrow,
I envisage a future,
I dread a past,
But for today’s repast,
Let’s hold the joy of the moment.

Written after a challenge to take five lines from five different poems written in the last week and to craft a new one.

I got carried away

I got carried away by our interaction
I know it was a source of mutual attraction
I got carried away by your seeming caring
Those whispered words and the texts endearing
I imagined we shared something special at times
I am sure we did, but we were fleetingly aligned
You had the others
Then there were your brothers
Our time together intense
In this universe immense
I realised that I had got carried away
The day you forgot my words of yesterday
As one of the crowd I am just a fleeting fling
I will never be around when cupid releases the arrow from the sling
It pains me to release these silken chords
But our relationship will not win any awards
I got carried away and am getting hurt
I am setting us free, my love to divert.

Tell me your secrets.

Hey baby,tell me your secrets,
Too many,  too complicated, too soon,
Later babes in time you will find the room.

I wonder if that’s true,
My hidden, innermost thoughts,
Articulated brought into the light, would it lead to remorse?

Tell me your dreams,
Yes when we are better acquainted that’s something I can do,
Look forward to the sharing babes, another side of you.

My dreams I can articulate,
They show my passions and my schemes,
Beam light on my future directions themes.

Do I show my secrets even to myself,
Or are they hidden at the back, of a dusty shelf,
Maybe I should revisit in the light of day, then clean out, the corners of myself.

Can I rearrange my secrets?
Boot out the negative ones
Work on the less salubrious, put secret Ness on the run.

Will I tell you my secrets,
I think probably not,
Will save them for a soul mate, before giving it a shot,

Knowing Rick a poem by Eve

A year ago I met a man
Playing word crozzle, and from that sprang
Sexy talk that went with a bang
Made us both wet, and gave us a pang
I knew he played lots of other games
Did cyber sex ,with others,with no names
I didnt know he had a lover
He probably only needed her to recover.

We continued to talk , more not less
A sexy picture, a word, a smile, no distress
Then his lover got ill and died
Wanted to hold him while he cried
Tried to help with a listening ear
Help the blues, making thinking clear
Our lives came and went
We certainly shared,some interesting events

I knew he chatted to his dolly mixers
I shared with the others, he  rotated fixtures
He liked to be needed and adored
To make women come the ultimate reward
His fantasy  was domination
Talk her to submission with conversation
I haven’t succumbed to the cybersex lure
Tried to keep it friendship pure.

Hes self contained and only shares
Parts of himself, be aware
He tries to keep people happy by stretching the truth
Ducks and dives and is sometimes obtuse
His humour is very much his own
He spends lots of time with a bone
So a man of parts,a condrum of sorts
Lovely, annoying with lots of gloss.

Yesterday he asked to meet
I would really like that, the picture complete
To see the whole Rick, would be  kind of neat
It might sort out my feelings of attraction
Add new depth, an unexpected reaction
Love, hate or indifference at least I will know
Whether to let my interest go.

Eve in Converging Lives has been asked for a live meet after a year of chatting on the net. Watch this space for the results.