Month: Jun 2016


​There is a tingle between us

Electricity when we touch

There is a buzz between us 

Our conversations thrill us much

There is interplay between us

Magnetism drawing us in

There is passion between us

Should our love affair begin

There is excitement between us

Exquisite feelings on display

Is this the day between us

When we consummate  our interplay

For my own sanity

​I want you to like me

I think you understand

I hope that our friendship

Will stay until the end
I wanted you to love me

The stars had seemed so right

Those early hedonistic days

Then you stole off in the night
I wanted us to maintain, that special bond

Those special shared moments

That our relationship was based upon

Then you showed they were shared with others, a premise bogus

I think I have been holding onto a relationship, fantasy

It was a relationship built on shifting Sands

That I just didn’t see

I must cut the bonds for my own sanity

Serendipitous soliloquy.

Serendipitous soliloquy 

Does this tirade scan iambically

I pace the floor while shouting my declaimation 

Trying to rid myself of my consternation

You swore you loved me, You chased and wooed me

I began to trust and became your devotee

How could I become sucked in to this morass

I am feeling such an ass

My ego has nose dived my world has rocked

I am feeling such dismay my system is shocked

This drama is unfolding as I play my scene

Wishing like in Shakespeare the villain could intervene

Or at least eavesdrop on this great soliloquy

Instead of an audience composed of just me

I hope across the ether the echoes resonate

Making you aware of my solitary debate

Reaction choices

We have two choices in how we react to situations from a place of resistance or a place of acceptance.From resistance we get anger, irritation and frustration. We think I can’t concentrate will increase your well being and happiness.with this noise, this is such a waste of time, you should have done….. And this affects what we do and how we behave.
If we can accept what is happening try to relax into the moment then it reduces our stress. Stuck in a queue, stuck in traffic, partner left the bathroom in a mess,small,  examples of things that irritate. Accepting this is how it is in this moment changes our reaction enables us to ride the flow. It doesn’t mean we are happy with the situation or that we won’t try to positively improve the situation. It just means we will choose not to act negatively and become frustrated and upset. If the situation is outside our control then we don’t waste our energies trying to change something we can’t.
We often worked on learned tried and tested reactions without thinking about our reaction. If you are becoming angry and frustrated remember you have a choice in how you respond in any given situation.

When you accept what is happening rather than resist it you can become open to other possibilities within the situation.

Finding something positive in a truly negative situation and focusing on that
In life things are ever changing. We need flexibility to cope in an ever changing world.

This is particularly true in our relationships.

His Fantasy Land

He wants me to join him, in his fantasy land
Put my trust in him and take his hand
I wonder Is his fantasy false or true
Would to enter it, be something to rue
Is it a world of pain or pleasure
Something to avoid or maybe treasure
Could he please, my very core
Leaving me wanting ever more
Am I brave enough to take the plunge
These initial steps can still be expunged

Life’s messy melee

What I need from you and will try to reciprocate
Trust me without the need to interrogate
Give your love without fright
Meet it together, under the light
Accept me as I am and the me I will become
Don’t try to change me to fit your anyone
Desire me with no inhibitions
Let lust turn to love and keep changing our traditions
Want me as partner, friend and lover
With no restrictions that I will later discover
Communicate your feelings and your needs
So I can consider them as part of my analyses
Understand that sometimes our opinions will differ
That momentary spats can make our bond stiffer
Make me a partner, so we both grow
Don’t make me a shackle that will bring us both low
Walk with me and give me support
That’s the way to happiness, living for me
Would be an assault
Mostly let’s just live, laugh and play
Taking in our strides lifes messy melee

If life had been different

If life had been different
Could we have met
Would it have been magnificent
To have tested that set
We have had contact, late in lifes, rolling dance
Met in the ether, a contact by chance
We talk and we share a microcosm  of life
We get on so well no trouble or strife
I know that your charm and wit are real
But I only have moments of time to seal
My reactions about you, are layered with hope
I only know part of you, with that, I have to cope
If life had been different, would passion have won
Not in the way it is done on the net
But meltingly hot under the sun
Instead admiration and fun make our game set.
Maybe in another life?

Why Rhyme?

Words crawl across the page
Full of ideas, need to engage
Stories, prose or rhyme
Has to be rhyme, when , little time
Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy
Feel so right, work so cleanly
Poetry purists will say how cheesy
Expell their breath, very wheezy
An idea to express, a reaction to provoke
A hope for debate, revolt, or quote
Human relationships float my boat
Love, lust and human trust, my promote
Sadness sometimes lurks in a corner
But as an optimist,I try to be an informer
Why rhyme
Nice line
Tends to keep things
On springs
I can do more rounded prose
Use large words,maybe pose
Metrical composition
Personification recognition
As long as it rhymes
Suits my paradigms
Why rhyme
Because I so love it!
What no rhyme ….never does it!