​There is a tingle between us Electricity when we touch There is a buzz between us  Our conversations thrill us much There is interplay between us Magnetism drawing us in There is passion between us Should our love affair begin There is excitement between us Exquisite feelings on display Is this the day between us … More Interplay

Tasting sweetness

​Holding close, seizing strokes Tasting sweetness, lust evokes Touching, teasing, squeeze and grind Tantalising, feelings, feeds the mind Growing warmth my need inspires Look in your eyes reflects desires

For my own sanity

​I want you to like me I think you understand I hope that our friendship Will stay until the end I wanted you to love me The stars had seemed so right Those early hedonistic days Then you stole off in the night I wanted us to maintain, that special bond Those special shared moments … More For my own sanity

Reaction choices

We have two choices in how we react to situations from a place of resistance or a place of acceptance.From resistance we get anger, irritation and frustration. We think I can’t concentrate will increase your well being and happiness.with this noise, this is such a waste of time, you should have done….. And this affects … More Reaction choices

His Fantasy Land

He wants me to join him, in his fantasy land Put my trust in him and take his hand I wonder Is his fantasy false or true Would to enter it, be something to rue Is it a world of pain or pleasure Something to avoid or maybe treasure Could he please, my very core … More His Fantasy Land

Tanka 2

Lips tingling citrus Crushed against his brow Eyes tight closed Love flies on gossamer wings Visiting star studded skies Heavenly rivers of light spark

Why Rhyme?

Words crawl across the page Full of ideas, need to engage Stories, prose or rhyme Has to be rhyme, when , little time Rhythms and rhymes feels so easy Feel so right, work so cleanly Poetry purists will say how cheesy Expell their breath, very wheezy An idea to express, a reaction to provoke A … More Why Rhyme?