Lover….soul mate

He may be interchanged with she in this piece What is a lover? He is somebody that makes ones heart sing He cares about the true spirit He strives to see your innermost wants and understands your rights to live by your beliefs He listens to what you are saying and acts accordingly In his … More Lover….soul mate


What shall I do today No schedule ,to mar my play Shall I just please myself Do exercise to improve my health Shall I just improve my mind Enjoy literature of the improving kind Or allow my baser nature to concur Dress to kill become a poseur Read trashy novels of the seedy type Listen … More Choices

Create me a world

​Create a world for me alone Outside lifes  frenzied pace A void in both space and time,outside of the rat race A place built on  surreal shores Beneath majestic  skies Full of calm and silence, an oasis for our time Build it from our hopes and dreams an endless paradigm  Leave outside the dented dreams … More Create me a world

Timeless thoughts

​Whimsical wiles, wickedly wishing Tapping timeless thoughts and twisting Languorous lavish loving limbs Wonderful winsome whims Embraced close,  lips just brushed Tingling, tactile, tantalizing, touch Mystical, miraculous, momentum  Sparks of passion, fuel the spectrum Imperative idolatory imposition Need begets reason,defies opposition  Sexuality, sensation saturated  Cojoined until pleasure is dissipated  

You only live twice

What are the dangers of dreams Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes The paths that lead to danger Leading us to falling in love with a stranger Life all set, priorities to be met Plans in place, moving apace, life all set Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying Life mapped, feeling trapped, really not so surprising … More You only live twice

spark within

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves  Energy, jumps from you, to me, set ablaze I feel set free, relaxed able to be Join me in my wonder Send me to the heights, sate my hunger Liberate me, Join me Ignite me,light a … More spark within


​Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave there way, round me and you Honey brown eyes, glint and laugh Glorious white teeth as you laugh Vermillion lips, trace an autograph Grey eyes sparkling glinting blue Intertwined hair, blonde and bamboo Pink pointed tongues, leave silvery trails Dappled skin, pink tinged amazes Aura radiating colours of flames … More Colours

one memory

​If you could keep but one memory Jut a single memory from your past What would you hold close to you From all your lifes repast Could you distill all that was important  When life doesnt come by installment Would you systematically discard all the dross Memories unimportant, trival or gross Left with the treasures, … More one memory

Cyber Friends

​ In cyberspace their is a race Of people who want a different space Who want to add a layer on To make new friends not take them home Some of them just pass us by Touch our lives, make us, laugh or cry Others linger sharing stories Of life or love and other glories … More Cyber Friends