Month: Jul 2016

Lover….soul mate

He may be interchanged with she in this piece

What is a lover?
He is somebody that makes ones heart sing
He cares about the true spirit
He strives to see your innermost wants and understands your rights to live by your beliefs
He listens to what you are saying and acts accordingly
In his arms you feel safe and happy
When you are with him he is the centre of your universe
He knows when to act and when to comfort
He does not apportion blame

When you are with him you feel he is the centre of your universe


What shall I do today
No schedule ,to mar my play
Shall I just please myself
Do exercise to improve my health
Shall I just improve my mind
Enjoy literature of the improving kind

Or allow my baser nature to concur
Dress to kill become a poseur
Read trashy novels of the seedy type
Listen to music till the time is ripe
Explore sexuality greed and lust
Eat chocolate forget to dust

What should I do today
Contact friends without delay
Share the joys of touching lives
Just hang out, wait for a suprise
The choice is endless we shall see
How todays events pan out for me.

My day will give some times of joy
Some times of angst that may annoy
I hope to hit the highest heights
Not plumb the depths without good grace
What shall I do today
Maybe just go out and play

You only live twice

What are the dangers of dreams

Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes

The paths that lead to danger

Leading us to falling in love with a stranger
Life all set, priorities to be met

Plans in place, moving apace, life all set

Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying

Life mapped, feeling trapped, really not so surprising
Happiness comes and goes

Life has highs but many lows

Lows can breed dreams

What if, scenario scenes
Perfect life and perfect love just like in the stories

Thats how life should be in all its glories

Life imperfect and love low key

Partners drifting apart, less connections it seems
Need to find that perfect love

Daydreams see them clear and corroborative

As the song says, you only live twice or so it seems

Once for yourself and once for your dreams
Dreams, sweet dreams, dreams, perfect dreams

Swinging so high, flying on the trapeze

Launching into space, Twisting in the air

Where to land, here, or way over there
Old path , new path just beware

Stop and think and compare

Each path has some danger

Dream path, love with a stranger
You only live twice or so it seems

Once for yourself  and once for your dreams
Inspired by you only live twice. Nancy Sinatra

Every which way ….erotica

​Pictures playing around in my mind

Touching, teasing, squeeze and grind

Tantalising, feelings, feeds the fires

Growing warmth my need inspires

Holding close

Seizing strokes

Tasting sweetness

Augurs completeness

Tongue out tracing

Heart full racing

Mesh as one

So much fun

Relive the feelings

Dredge up new meanings

Ready for a replay

Needing  to convey

Love for you

Every which way

Every day

Pictures playing around in my mind

Remind me of my special find.


​Shivering colours of exotic hue

Weave there way, round me and you

Honey brown eyes, glint and laugh

Glorious white teeth as you laugh

Vermillion lips, trace an autograph

Grey eyes sparkling glinting blue

Intertwined hair, blonde and bamboo

Pink pointed tongues, leave silvery trails

Dappled skin, pink tinged amazes

Aura radiating colours of flames

Our movements fan and rearrange 

Silver stars pop in our minds

Pink  green and gold just emphasise 

The palette of colour that we create

Changes each time we concentrate

Swirl the brush in a different direction

Colours change with our affection

Shivering colours of exotic hues 

Paint a picture of me and you.

one memory

​If you could keep but one memory

Jut a single memory from your past

What would you hold close to you

From all your lifes repast

Could you distill all that was important 

When life doesnt come by installment
Would you systematically discard all the dross

Memories unimportant, trival or gross

Left with the treasures, held to the light

How long to examine them, to get the choice right

Would it be that memory of happiness and fun

Something to make you smile when you are on the run
If you could keep but one memory, a thing to reconcile

Would it be one, that inspired you to walk the extra mile

Would it have to be of that one true love

Or would memory of family have to come above

Having crystallised the memories too precious to discard

I find to choose just one is really just too hard
I find myself with a treasure trove

All too precious to remove

With only one memory would I want to remember

The person who is me, because it would dismember

My whole ecology

My memories are the sum of me.

Cyber Friends

In cyberspace their is a race

Of people who want a different space

Who want to add a layer on

To make new friends not take them home
Some of them just pass us by

Touch our lives, make us, laugh or cry

Others linger sharing stories

Of life or love and other glories
 Some become firm friends indeed

Others want to flirt, different creed

For some the magnet feels so strong

However the story weaves is it right or wrong?