​Floating, floating, light as a feather Drifting, drifting,aligned to the weather  Iridescence glows on the distant horizon Turquoise, Lavender, Indigo, gold   Colours luminescent but just so bold Moving towards them to dive and swim Feeling the hearbeats sychronation begin Hold onto the beat feel the fire Floating, floating, in a world of desires Drifting, … More Transform

Ready to fly

​Lucid, luminous, waking dreams Fantastical plans and schemes Horizons glowing Life force radiating, happiness showing Magnetism pulling,  Clarity harnessed, melding strands Grounded ready to fly, life in hands

Park it

​Park it, leave it pretend it doesn’t exist Leave it unsorted, the fallout won’t be missed Stressed another problem Throw it in the pot, leave it to simmer Better to be forgot Life continues moving Nothing can go wrong  Problems a simmering getting rather hot Problems a mixing may just boil and burn Add another … More Park it

Savouring the view

​Feet forward tears behind  Centring myself clearing my mind No longer floating between here and there Moving out of limbo feeling kind of scared Looking at the signposts for where I’m to go Future is beckoning, structured, not just go with the flow Let go of heartache see the shining light Digging new foundations then … More Savouring the view

Much greener grass

​Why do I cling on to things that have gone If I sang it again would the refrain still be wrong Would my idealised memories really come true Or would it be just the same and a future I would rue I need to live in today traipse a new path Reality has much, much … More Much greener grass

Reality … Totality

​  Definition in words and pictures Make an impression,markers and fixtures When reality blurs how to show our worth Are words enough or insubstantial The path winds on, destiny calling, consequential If words hang lame  How do we decaim our feelings Body language supplements the story, fans the flame Words light a spark The void … More Reality … Totality

Stemming the tide

​Rest, recuperation, renewal, regeneration What do you need to heal the wounds Put your life back on a firm foundation Do you have a special place, bookmarked outside the rat race Or a place within your mind Where you stash any hurts until you can rewind Sanity, surety, safety, success What strategies do you have … More Stemming the tide