Make my toes curl

​Passion errupting, emotions leap and twirl Hearing your voice makes my toes curl Heated in the moment of new lovers bliss Sealing the deal with a never ending kiss Anticipation growing filling the cup Your touch, lights my world,up  Hearing you whisper, you are my girl That little statement makes my toes curl


​Dilemma Jump into the abyss What will my landing be Will I hit the labyrinth  Will you be there to catch me Treasure Explore the winding paths together What will my role be Will we explore, a joint endeavour  Will you smother me Dilemma 


Checkmate, parlous state Playing games, no rebate Trying moves, pulling strokes Checkmate, making jokes Cruel puns, not shared laughter Scoring points couldn’t be dafter Checkmate trust revoked, poor trait Checkmate learning to hate,  is it all too late? Reset the game, change the rules Checkmate in life could be for fools Checkmate put in context … More Checkmate

clickety clack

​Hurtling forward  Clickety clack The train is speeding, down a new track The signals are red But I can’t slow it down Maybe I should be dressed as a clown You are the buffers You will hold me close Render me speechless, make me feel most You are the danger The spark to my flame … More clickety clack


​Words of love often suppressed  Kindness taken for granted, unexpressed Presumption of thoughts, norms and dreams Seems we no longer talk of schemes Drifting along feather light Lack of communication lack of fight Minds door closed  How to rewind, do you suppose Need to look and see the whole Can we clean the windows, throw … More Drifting