​Follow where you lead  Or tread my own path Walk beside you But stop at the gate Or to you subjugate Share the path finding  Draw a joint map Space to walk together To avoid the main trap Map out routes for solo travel  With routes back to home Lead where you follow Follow where … More Follow……Lead

Video sharing adult content.

​She wants to please Not to tease  Every move calculated  As she lays there naked The phone in hand video as planned To show her body In a way  not shoddy  With preciseness and daring She feels  she is sharing Her sexuality In this fantasy Poem related to Converging Lives the novel. 


​Daydreams, night schemes Living a life together, always smiling whatever the weather Rosey glow , when really I know Pipe dreams, crazy schemes Charisma abounds, excitement confounds Reality check, from a distance you are perfect Read between the lines, you commit a few crimes Happily ever after, couldn’t be dafter You pride yourself in telling … More Daydreams


​Anticipation Starting a new chapter Anticipation New period of rapture New dating Maybe mating Anticipation  They tick all the boxes How thick a façade do they have to fox us Anticipation Expecting lots of validation Out if the window procrastination Anticipation Putting aside old wrongs and disappointments Clean sheet foregoing clairvoyance Anticipation Hoping for a … More Anticipation


​Love is the joy Love is the motivator Love is the buzz Love is the decoy Love is the lance  Stabbing the unwary, part of a dance Love can destroy Love can be the laser Cauterising the heart Love can be pain Tearing worlds apart Love can be bitter Love can be sweet Love can … More Love


I like your style You make me smile Your ease and charm Act like a balm The you I share Without a care The bits I see Tantalise me

Marking the page

​Out of my mind, onto the page, Ideas stream, words just rage, Calmouring for release, urging me on, My love for life, drives the marathon, Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace, The need to transcribe, a daily race, Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction, Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.

Inner Light

​Look into the mirror what do I see  Do I see, the outer shell that masquerades as me Look a little closer, stare into my eyes Can I see an inner glow, flickering, burning, a surprise Ah maybe that is my inner light The me stripped of pretences, burning ever brighter The implications are tremendous … More Inner Light