Month: Nov 2016


​Follow where you lead 

Or tread my own path

Walk beside you

But stop at the gate

Or to you subjugate
Share the path finding 

Draw a joint map

Space to walk together

To avoid the main trap

Map out routes for solo travel 

With routes back to home
Lead where you follow

Follow where you lead

Jointly share the burden

That way we succeed.


​Daydreams, night schemes

Living a life together, always smiling whatever the weather

Rosey glow , when really I know

Pipe dreams, crazy schemes

Charisma abounds, excitement confounds

Reality check, from a distance you are perfect

Read between the lines, you commit a few crimes

Happily ever after, couldn’t be dafter

You pride yourself in telling the truth, but lies by ommission I have seen the proof

Adultery a way of life, too engrained too stop the new would always arrive

One of many friends you hold, time coalesces when feelings go cold

Day dreams, happiness schemes

Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity

Hold in perspective, no sadness retrospective

Pipe dreams, crazy schemes

Grounded in reality, fantasy and vanity.




Starting a new chapter


New period of rapture

New dating

Maybe mating


They tick all the boxes

How thick a façade do they have to fox us


Expecting lots of validation

Out if the window procrastination


Putting aside old wrongs and disappointments

Clean sheet foregoing clairvoyance


Hoping for a match

Going to damp down expectations

Waiting for this adventure, too unfurl and hatch



​Love is the joy

Love is the motivator

Love is the buzz

Love is the decoy

Love is the lance 

Stabbing the unwary, part of a dance

Love can destroy

Love can be the laser

Cauterising the heart

Love can be pain

Tearing worlds apart

Love can be bitter

Love can be sweet

Love can be dark

Twisted with blight

Love can be bright

Radiating light

Love is an emotion

Hard to define

Comes in many guises

Hard to define

Love is the bell weather the holy grail

If its missing we think we failed.


Marking the page

​Out of my mind, onto the page,

Ideas stream, words just rage,

Calmouring for release, urging me on,

My love for life, drives the marathon,

Creativity tantalises, pushes the pace,

The need to transcribe, a daily race,

Wanting to engage,  to evoke a reaction,

Portraying all of life, immense satisfaction.

I Will Write A Love Song

Loved this.

Frank Solanki

I will write a love song

Though I don’t believe in love anymore

I will sing a love song

Just like I used to before

I believed love was sufficient

Can surpass any wall

Enough to live and die for

And that would be all

Thought love was the greatest feeling

Absolutely pure and divine

And it would come to me eventually

So I could call it mine

But I was terribly mistaken

Proved bitterly wrong

Must stop watching movies

Must stop listening to songs

For love doesn’t exist

As she rightly pointed out

Life is about convenience

There isn’t any doubt

But there is nothing here

That you need to learn

You just keep believing

Love isn’t meant for everyone

So I will write a love song

Though I don’t believe in love anymore

I will sing a love song

Just like I…

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Inner Light

​Look into the mirror what do I see 

Do I see, the outer shell that masquerades as me

Look a little closer, stare into my eyes

Can I see an inner glow, flickering, burning, a surprise

Ah maybe that is my inner light

The me stripped of pretences, burning ever brighter

The implications are tremendous
Look more closely at others, past the different facades

Can I find the inner light behind their masquerades

Will I find a different person hiding inside

Away from the projected face with filters all applied

We need to find the inner light 

To find the true mankind

Society encourages conformity that maybe makes us blind