Month: Dec 2016

Free day

What shall I do today
No schedule ,to mar my play
Shall I just please myself
Do exercise to improve my health
Shall I just improve my mind
Enjoy literature of the improving kind

Or allow my baser nature to concur
Dress to kill become a poseur
Read trashy novels of the seedy type
Listen to music till the time is ripe
Explore sexuality greed and lust
Eat chocolate forget to dust

What should I do today
Contact friends without delay
Share the joys of touching lives
Just hang out, wait for a suprise
The choice is endless we shall see
How todays events pan out for me.

My day will give some times of joy
Some times of angst that may annoy
I hope to hit the highest heights
Not plumb the depths without good grace
What shall I do today
Maybe just go out and play


​Sanguine the blood red colour of my heart

Sanguine the way I feel, about our parts

We play the game we act so well

Could we be in pantomime, l cant tell

We lost the bond, the glues unstuck

Emotions cold, not run amok

Sanguine is it really how I feel

Am I ready to give in our love repeal 

Sanguine the blood red colour of my heart

It will be transparent, if its torn apart

Facets of Christmas time

​A period of contrasts from sepia through to dazzling gold

A time of poignancy, reflection and joy

A religious celebration transposed into a season of gluttony and greed

A time of gift giving, family celebrations and gatherings

A time of arguements, marriage breakdowns and strife

A time of love, war and hate

Each facet sharpened because of the season

Poverty versus wealth

Loneliness versus family life

Love versus hate

Outlined in sharper contrast in a season of supposed joy

May the immutable values of Christmastime 

Remain through the year

Find the love

​We live to feel and to express

Much more to life than we can guess

Love is life, life is love

We have to search when times are tough

To find  it in it’s purest form

When maybe, despair might be the norm

With love all your senses become one

In darker times, they can prestige the sun

Heartache is part of life, dreams get shattered

Life gets battered

Love is life, life is love

We live to feel and to express 

In love and happiness thats the best

In times of sadness, cling to love

Its different facets can fit like a glove

Find it in the smallest joys

Dance in the rain, ignore the annoys

You only live once, perhaps

We need to do our best avoid the traps

Find the joy, find the love.

Reality replace?

​Sharing time with you

Takes me to another place

Makes me happy

Relaxed and full of grace
If that luxury was denied

Life would go on

I would survive 

Diminished but able to cross the great divide
My mind endows you with virtues 

That I know in reality don’t exist

You are a creature of insubstantiality,more like mist

You remain an enigma
I share your good features, clutching them like straws

I glimpse some of your flaws, they dont affect me, so no pause

Sharing aspects of our lives, gives me pleasure no need to catechise

Takes me to another place, but real life it can’t replace
Sharing time with you

Takes me to another place

Makes me happy

A respite from reality, but can’t replace