Free day

What shall I do today No schedule ,to mar my play Shall I just please myself Do exercise to improve my health Shall I just improve my mind Enjoy literature of the improving kind Or allow my baser nature to concur Dress to kill become a poseur Read trashy novels of the seedy type Listen … More Free day

A thousand desires

A thousand desires Maybe more I can feel you draw As you trace the fibres Of my being Rose coloured beauty My reaction to you spooky A window to a world intriguing As we draw closer You evoke furthermore A thousand desires, maybe more Let’s make adventures    


​Sanguine the blood red colour of my heart Sanguine the way I feel, about our parts We play the game we act so well Could we be in pantomime, l cant tell We lost the bond, the glues unstuck Emotions cold, not run amok Sanguine is it really how I feel Am I ready to … More Sanguine

Find the love

​We live to feel and to express Much more to life than we can guess Love is life, life is love We have to search when times are tough To find  it in it’s purest form When maybe, despair might be the norm With love all your senses become one In darker times, they can … More Find the love

Reality replace?

​Sharing time with you Takes me to another place Makes me happy Relaxed and full of grace If that luxury was denied Life would go on I would survive  Diminished but able to cross the great divide My mind endows you with virtues  That I know in reality don’t exist You are a creature of … More Reality replace?