Mystic schemes

​Mystic schemes Precious dreams You are there Buyer beware Syntillating thoughts  But a row of noughts Wishful thinking Hopes long sinking You are chasing the new Leaving me to rue Mystic schemes Precious dreams Maybe really nightmare screams Smash them all to smithereens Find a way to recreate Precious dreams not parlous state.

Too good to resist

​ Holding my trust in its fragile packaging Wondering whether to have plenty, or rationing Having faith in myself, to make the right choices Still listening to inward, warning voices I have been hurt, many times before Got to have trust, this time, hurt no more You nurture my needs and understand Being open to … More Too good to resist

Red letter day

​Feelings For You Just get better Love Longing strong Red letter day Friendship Firmly Grasped Strong bonds stay Partnership Particular trust Together we should stay


​Can you match me measure for measure Will you be master of my pleasure Can you pull me out of this Web of apathy Save me from from feelings bordering on insanity New love ,new feelings Exciting romance expunge past dealings Trying to trust and believe anew Fragile buds unfurl to view.


​I feel your happiness I feel your pain I share some of life’s refrain Transience I share your problems I divert your mind I walk beside or trail behind Heartstrings I comfort you as best I can I want to heal you that’s the scope I want to be your beacon of hope Sham I … More Overview

Find inner calm?

​Rejection always a bitter gall Dejection written through inner walls Emotions built up through the years Confidence never deployed, negative image fears Wanting to be loved, to be recognised Hiding needs under a thin disguise Each rejection, underlines the lack Stepping forward, no going back Needs to be held and validated Instead gives love ,uncompensated … More Find inner calm?

Day dreams

​Day dreams hold me, fitting like a glove  Floating weightless, visions that I love  Gravitating upwards, towards the elusive picture There are no limits to the excitement within the mixture  Pushing the boundaries of what can be done Wanting to touch you, emotions overcome Mind picture sees me sitting by your side Sliding down upon … More Day dreams