Month: Jan 2017


​Can you match me measure for measure

Will you be master of my pleasure

Can you pull me out of this Web of apathy

Save me from from feelings bordering on insanity

New love ,new feelings

Exciting romance expunge past dealings

Trying to trust and believe anew

Fragile buds unfurl to view.

I am on fire…adult content

I am on fire
Filled with desire
My world contracted
My body reacted
I sit in the gloom
In a bar type room
Drinking a brandy
Ever so randy
I am not alone
As I sit with my phone
My cyber lover is there
With pictures so rare
His words weave a story
Ever so stormy
We share fantasies
Outside moralities
It makes us smile
Our senses to beguile
We can share anywhere
If a signal is there
What to do next
Thats a question to vex…
I am on fire
Filled with desire…


​I feel your happiness

I feel your pain

I share some of life’s refrain

I share your problems

I divert your mind

I walk beside or trail behind

I comfort you as best I can

I want to heal you that’s the scope

I want to be your beacon of hope

I feel for you

I read of you 

I cannot touch you


Find inner calm?

​Rejection always a bitter gall

Dejection written through inner walls

Emotions built up through the years

Confidence never deployed, negative image fears

Wanting to be loved, to be recognised

Hiding needs under a thin disguise

Each rejection, underlines the lack

Stepping forward, no going back

Needs to be held and validated

Instead gives love ,uncompensated

Alone but not alone

Injured inside, feelings not outgrown

Searching for love always disappointed

Living life in ways disjointed

Needs to validate the self

Find inner happiness, get off the shelf

Day dreams

​Day dreams hold me, fitting like a glove

 Floating weightless, visions that I love

 Gravitating upwards, towards the elusive picture

There are no limits to the excitement within the mixture

 Pushing the boundaries of what can be done

Wanting to touch you, emotions overcome

Mind picture sees me sitting by your side

Sliding down upon your lap maybe take a ride

Stretching all our senses searching for fun

Longing for your body, truly overcome.

It started with a sniffle

​It started with a sniffle

Then a little cough

Snuffles on my pillows

I didn’t give a toss
Suddenly I seemed much warmer

Then chills, up and down my spine

My nose started dripping

My mind was in decline
Then the mucus fairy

Waved her little wand

My chest filled up with mucus

Like filling up a pond
It seems my major airways

Had become a water trap

I started coughing noisily

Couldn’t shift the crap
I found I couldn’t lay down

And even sitting up

My chest made this weird music

Like screech, whistle, dup dup.
My sniffle is a water fall

My cough spasmodic gunk

I feel pretty miserable

I look more goth than punk
I wonder how to tempt

That sweet fairy into the light

I just would like to catch her

Share some of my delight!!