Month: Feb 2017


Lay your head on my heart

Feel the beats stop and start

My breath flows for you

Exhaling pheromones, circling true

Wholeness unites us

We imagine it thus

Our mind pictures blending

The feelings we are tending

For you I do lust
Reach out to me

Enjoy the company

Feel the warmth of my skin

It must be win win

Describe your feelings

In this time we are stealing

A time free to care

We have little to share

Lay your head on my heart

Will love live or die?

I get glimpses of who you are

Makes me want, to return from afar 

Your soul seems suffused in light

Like a moth to a flame, it seems so right
Your warmth and sweetness 

Becomes my weakness

Drunk on the your nectar

Like a bee, I am a collector
The intenseness of our communication

Has made a scintillating  combination

The sound of your laugh, seems like fate

Arouses me,  a cicada calling  for a mate
An entomologist of feelings

Love-lust  unreeling

When captured in loves net

Will emotions grow and thrive yet?
Finding characteristics, of  my soul mate

Are we destined to flirt, spoon and separate?

Sparking colour like a fire fly

Will love live or die?

Relationships…emotional baggage

Is your partner failing to meet your needs, not making you happy, are you drifting apart?

Are new relationships failing?

Maybe some of the cause of your problems is the amount of emotional baggage you are carrying that is impacting on your behaviour and your expectations.

How much emotional baggage are you carrying ?

Is emotional baggage impacting on a relationship, or stopping you making that new relationship successfully?

To make space in your life for a new relationship or to improve your current one, its time to start releasing anything you’ve been holding on to that is preventing you from experiencing true intimacy(baggage). Identifying those issues and working to eradicate them will bring you to a level of self-awareness that will give you insight, flexibility, and freedom, making you much more available for  satisfying relationships.  Heard the phrase  someone has “too much baggage” to be ready for a committed, connected relationship, its true. We have a set of beliefs about ourselves and others that we have gathered over the years many learned in childhood, these beliefs we use consciously and unconsciously to live our lives. The problem is that some of these truisms, beliefs …are negatives and some are actually untrue but we believe in them and they colour our actions and attitudes as we go about the daily grind.

Baggage isn’t always what we think it is. It isn’t necessarily our circumstances, our past, or even the issues we’re currently working with. Baggage is often just a lack of flexibility about accepting whatever is showing up in our life or someone else’s and therefore an inability to move forward.

We all have baggage. What’s important is recognizing our baggage and minimizing its effects on our relationships.

An underlying feeling of emptiness, loneliness, or longing is something many, if not most, of us have experienced at one time or another. No matter how rich our lives may be, with a satisfying career, material wealth, and plenty of friends, we may still be carrying around a low-level feeling that something important is missing. This can be made worse by negative thoughts about our lives.

The place many of us turn  to in order to address our feeling of incompleteness, is our  relationships.

Great you are saying, I find my other half ,my soul mate and everything will be hunky dorey. Maybe…but if all it takes is to find the significant other , why are so many relationships rocky? Is it that many of us have not  found the right fit, or is it the baggage that one or both of us is carrying that is impeding harmony.

Our  significant other can only offer us acknowledgment, encouragement, approval, acceptance, they cannot make us feel complete and whilst we have our baggage it will  never be enough to end our feelings of dissatisfaction of wanting.

Once we realize that a partner is not going to be the one to make us happy or give us everything we think we need to be complete, we’re likely to feel disappointed, discouraged, and maybe even resentful.

We often unknowingly drag a suitcase full of problems into a new relationship, drop them at our partner’s feet, and say, “Fix these for me!”

The way out of this trap is to make a commitment to ‘being the one’ who will address your own issues,to be honest with yourself and look at the roots of your ideas, prejudices and behaviour. When you no longer need your partner’s validation, then any encouragement, love, or guidance your partner does offer you will be their very best, given freely and from a place of love. When validation is no longer the primary reason you’re in a relationship, you can explore, enjoy, and appreciate everything that relationship has to offer.


Sharing buried fantasies

We eagerly find

Trialling our ecstasy    

Freeing our minds

 Sharing passion true

Colours our lives

 Expanding our view

 Excitement thrives

Whatever we can imagine 

Will become our feast 

Adding allure and attraction

To that ravening beast

Random  Fate.

When random fate shook its hand
We played a game, fate took command
We talked all day
We made some play
We explored horizons
Had interesting conversations
When the light came into sight
The connection seemed right
I felt the lure, a big connection
Adding  friendship a new direction
Opening up we let it flow
It flourishes, still  it grows
It becomes a joyous being
Separate a magical thing
When we open our eyes we are seeing
The flame of friendship has been lit.

Rose coloured glasses

I got carried away by our interaction,

Thought it was a source of mutual attraction,

I got carried away by your seeming caring,

Those whispered words and the texts endearing,

I imagined ,we shared something special at times,

I am sure we did, fleetingly, or maybe I am blind,

I knew you had  others,

Then there were your brothers,

Our time together, seemed  intense,

In this universe, it felt immense,

I realised, I had been carried away,

The day you forgot my words, of yesterday,

As one of the crowd, I am just a fleeting fling,

I will never be around, when cupid, releases the arrow from the sling,

It pains me to release these silken chords,

But our relationship, will not win any awards

I got carried away and am getting hurt

I am setting us free, my love to divert.