Lay your head on my heart Feel the beats stop and start My breath flows for you Exhaling pheromones, circling true Wholeness unites us We imagine it thus Our mind pictures blending The feelings we are tending For you I do lust Reach out to me Enjoy the company Feel the warmth of my skin … More Wholeness


Sharing buried fantasies We eagerly find Trialling our ecstasy     Freeing our minds  Sharing passion true Colours our lives  Expanding our view  Excitement thrives Whatever we can imagine  Will become our feast  Adding allure and attraction To that ravening beast

Random  Fate.

When random fate shook its hand We played a game, fate took command We talked all day We made some play We explored horizons Had interesting conversations When the light came into sight The connection seemed right I felt the lure, a big connection Adding  friendship a new direction Opening up we let it flow … More Random  Fate.