Month: Jun 2017

Secret Desires

Embraced so tight, cheeks ablush 

Look in your eyes, words superfluous

 Tingling touch, that tantalises

Aching anticipation, fantasises

Sinfully delicious, mad seduction

Feels a natural construction.


Opening up my secret desires

Heart strings plucked, lust conspires

Panting passion, pleasure plea

Yearning yields, guarantee 

Melting core, trying to function

Over whelmed, imperative compunction

The dark of the night

I lay on a bed in

 the dark of the night.
Dressed  all in satin a

sensuous sight,

A sacrifical pose,

From a satanic rite.
You are beside me your 

breath on my skin,

I welcome your presence,

A reprise to begin.
My world and my lover you

 left me, chagrin,

Now you are back,

Great joy set to win.
I feel immortal your

 touch, energises,

You make me whole,

I forgive you your lies.
I turn towards you then

let out a scream,

Dressed all in black,

A dark angel you seem.
Is this the darkness that 

fills your soul,

Those feathered wings,

You bend to kiss me, then

 suck  out my breath,

Am I the sacrifice,

You, the angel of death?
I seem to diminish my 

breathing to stop,

No I must fight,

I will survive, will I not?
I lay on a bed in

the dark of the night.
Twisting and turning,

 Now radiating light.

Flying …..oh woe

I am in a plane a few miles in the air,

A passenger jet

 with no room to spare,

I sit in a rare thing, a space


 room for my knees,

My bum fits the seat 

with a just a little squeeze,

I was worried before, because I knew

the plane seats are tiny, 

more space in a zoo,

I had fingers and toes crossed, 

the seat belt would fit,

It did thank my guardian angel, I would have

felt like a twit,

Luckily the flight is only short,

A long haul in this,

 wouldn’t be sport,

My arm is wedged

 against the curve in the wall,

Understand how sardines feel,

 not having a ball,

A means to end but 

an uncomfortable lack,

Of reasonable comfort,

 give the designer the sack!

I am sat in a plane a few miles in the air,

We are descending,

 oh YES

 nearly there!

Cumulus clouds

Erotic images saturating my mind

Cumulus clouds  flying high in the sky

Shapes of desire leave reality behind

Soaked in sensuality ready to fly.
Playing my dream see the pictures clear

Slip through the vapours to touch to win

Floating on fantasy ready my dear

Let our ballet begin.

The forbidden

Where the  forbidden is hidden, the urges 

are strong,  adding layers to our escalating pastiche,

We want them, we crave them, our excitement surges,

 We salivate, normality is breached.

The added excitement of secrecy sung,

Makes the pleasure and conquest  more sweet,

With barely a touch the soaring has sprung,

The explosion comes quicker, the intensity complete.

All without touching, my sweet cyber lover,

Through pictures and words, we are undone,

We pour all our yearnings into things undiscovered,

We are solo, but together as one.
Sharing a window suspended in time,

 Forbidden, but doesn’t feel like a crime.