Fate Planning a journey my heart races chance to explore unknown places in this world of exciting spaces how to choose, stick a pin that could mean lose or win wish- list checked word by word cut it down by a third I travel far with little fear  leave it to fate, or stay near … More Fate

Shoot the moon

 My friend  what is it you  mean to me You listen to my problems Never judge Think of options Sometimes fudge Share my triumphs and my lows Give support and rarely carp  Hah!  makes you seem  like an angel with a harp However there is that other side Wicked humour  sometimes snide gossip and rumour … More Shoot the moon

Edited poem. 

I wrote the poem Dressing Up kit 1970’s style.  Which I posted a few days ago its been through 10 edit cycles and this is the result Uneven laces   Ugly black laceups like shiny leather shoe-boxes slight squeak when I walked…  and I had to buy them how I hated those shoes    First … More Edited poem. 

Youthfulness v age or Ode to the Older woman

In your teens you were shy No self confidence, didn’t pull the guys Body language, tended to say, dont talk, go away In your thirties feeling better career confidence, go getter  still  self conscious but trying harder Body language more blaise  come talk, I might stay In your forties, life full on career rocketing, running … More Youthfulness v age or Ode to the Older woman

Misty Dawn

Misty Dawn Two souls dancing an aerial ballet in the calm dappled light of misty dawn flying and zooming without interplay two souls dancing an aerial ballet saying a farewell they can’t delay as the zephyr breeze  plays a carillon two souls dancing an aerial ballet In the calm dappled light of the misty dawn … More Misty Dawn