Shivering Colours

Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave their way, round me and you Toffee brown eyes, glint and spark Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Weave their way round me and you Intertwined hair black and bamboo Vermillion, pink and honeyed dark Aura’s radiating the colours of the heart Intertwined hair blonde and bamboo Beautiful colours shouldn’t … More Shivering Colours

Do we ever learn

Do we ever really learn The difference  between holding out a  hand Or clutching someone to us  in a vicelike band The fluidity of trust Is better than control That we all need space Love doesn’t mean shackles tightly in place Do we ever really learn Unthinking actions will cause hurt How ever much someone … More Do we ever learn

Silly mood

I am in a silly mood Not the sort to cause a feud This crazy streak  May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!

The joys of flying

A passenger jet  with no room to spare, I sit in a rare thing, a space  with room for my knees, My bum fits the seat  with a just a little squeeze, I was worried before, because I knew the plane seats are tiny,  more space in a zoo, I had fingers and toes crossed,  the … More The joys of flying

​Conduit of hope

The bridge to nowhere My only escape Pervasive landscape While my heartbreaks Only a conduit Filtering my  screams Holding and protecting all my dreams Safe from those erosive streams I balance above Exterior rust Inside lined, with layers of trust Barrier  remains intact. Feels just I run along Landscape bleak Seeing a sign, miseries defeat … More ​Conduit of hope