The joys of flying

A passenger jet

 with no room to spare,

I sit in a rare thing, a space

 with room for my knees,

My bum fits the seat 

with a just a little squeeze,

I was worried before, because I knew

the plane seats are tiny, 

more space in a zoo,

I had fingers and toes crossed, 

the seat belt would fit,

It did thank my guardian angel, I would have

felt like a twit,

Luckily the flight is only short,

A long haul in this,

 wouldn’t be sport,

My arm is wedged

 against the curve in the wall,

Understand how sardines feel,

 not having a ball,

A means to end but 

an uncomfortable lack,

Of reasonable comfort,

 give the designer the sack!

I am sat in a plane a few miles in the air,

We are descending,

 oh YES

 nearly there!


      1. Thanks I’m truly humbled by heartwarming feedback & support. I look forward to reading more of your writings as well 🙂


      2. Mine takes various directions I am in the midst of studying the editing if poetry and that is changing my voice. I also beling to a great facebook poetry group and am learning how to write the classical forms there which is very testing writing to that strict meter.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. That sounds very interesting indeed, it’s always good to go in various directions, that way I feel a writer can truly embrace versatility in his/her craft. To be honest, writing to me is a therapy, a form of escapism sometimes, where by creating a fantasy world of my own I can escape the brutality of reality.


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