Edited poem. 

I wrote the poem Dressing Up kit 1970’s style. 

Which I posted a few days ago its been through 10 edit cycles and this is the result
Uneven laces


Ugly black laceups

like shiny leather shoe-boxes

slight squeak when I walked… 

and I had to buy them
how I hated those shoes


 First day, I dressed early

collar  scratchy and constricted 

apron with a crackle and an upside down watch 

hair neat starched cap perched on top


nurse kit in motion
Stepped into the classroom 

twenty four would be nurses

Uniformed and caped

Awed by skeletons and pickled hearts
foot on the  first rung  of the ladder


The navy blue clad sister  tutor 

in the frilly starched hat

Read us the rules

Then we were inspected
First test 
Hats too big, hair untidy, laces uneven

she tutted as she tweaked

little misdemeanors demonstrating our 

unsuitability to make the grade
Our transition to nurses in grave doubt
How I hated those shoes

Often mislaced  during the next three years.

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