Butterfly Love

Floating high floating free Floating high floating free Abundant beauty for  eyes to see Abundant beauty for  eyes to see To see  beauty, for eyes  – free  floating Floating  high – abundant   Gracious butterfly fill me with wonder Gracious butterfly fill me with wonder Remind me of the beauty love Remind me of the … More Butterfly Love


A Haibun – Japenese form that includes a prose poem and a Haiku. Time stood still as You walked into the water spangled mist Memories washed over me The sound of your voice Your smile that special look Drowned by the sound of roaring water Pain intensified Overhead swooping bird  Steals happiness drops sadness Memories … More Memories


As we walk life’s tortuous paths  we encounter  seasons  as life rolls past Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter pass with certitude  a familiar refrain weather patterns change to unexpected patterns less no snow more rain making the season harder to explain As we walk life’s tortuous paths  our lives are like  seasons  Winter may seem to … More Seasons

Wide awake

Five thirty in the morning laying wide awake mouth  parched like the desert, bladder like a lake close  my eyes and try to doze, need to be comatose curled down on my side, breathing deep willing myself back to sleep mind  has other ideas, goes over issues, raise needless fears bladder grumbling hitting high, feels … More Wide awake

Padlocked Love.

Padlocked Love So many padlocks Locked with so much love Each locked compartment Bursting at the seams Once upon a time  the symbol of fidelity Lovers clipped them to a rail Threw away the key Thousands of padlocks  Sitting in a row A sign of relationships Waiting time to grow Years pass by and the … More Padlocked Love.

My home

Inside my bag are packed the things that fill my heart with joy the faded, threadbare shawl that whispers  a tinplate soldier toy. Inside my bag wrapped well in cloth  a tiny mirror fragment immortalised inside that glass the ghosts of those I love Some memories are intransigent Inside my bag stowed very safe two … More My home

The Line

A SYMETRELLE This is the line do not cross Don’t refuse to talk that’s dumb unjust Don’t Lash out – it will only breed mistrust In relationships lose the moral high ground Chose your reactions wisely, they need to be sound  Your drivers your beliefs turn judgements round Try to think, not just react choices … More The Line