Month: Oct 2017

Hold the joy 

Hold the joy of the moment

Keep it safe within

Whatever happens tomorrow

Don’t let the demons in
When things pan out in abundance

Remember, the moments of bliss

They are yours to keep and treasure

To forget them would be remiss
If  dreams don’t work out and life is hard

Don’t give into despair,or let the black dog sit

Regroup don’t let life be marred

Dive  in and salvage the good bits
Hold the joy of the moment

Don’t let the demons in

Whatever happens tomorrow

It’s a new day , free from sin
Learn from the good and the difficult

Don’t let angst, cast the moment aside

Let go of anxiety and anger

Live tomorrow with renewed pride.

Bridge….. a Clogyrnach

The clogyrnach (klawg-ur-NAWK’) is one of the 24 traditional Welsh poetry forms. It is a stanzaic, syllabic and rhymed form. Each stanza consists of 32 syllables and two rhymes. It can be written three different ways, in 6, 5, or 4 lines, as described below. 
This is not a difficult form to craft, but if done with care it can create some amazingly beautiful works. Here are the three patterns which may be used:

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B 

x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B x x B x x A
Bridge of sighs  new water flowing

Beautiful scene soft and glowing

Mirrors emotions

Feels like devotions

 Love notions now showing
Bridge of sighs love has vanished

Scene now grey beauty banished

All I see is you

Now you are taboo

A bright view tarnished
Beautiful bridge flowing  stream

I see you clearly in my dream

A pointer to life

Don’t get stuck in strife

Love’s drive is  just one theme



Inside my bag are packed the things

that fill my heart with joy

the faded, threadbare shawl

that whispers 

a tinplate soldier toy.
Inside my bag wrapped well in cloth 

a tiny mirror fragment

immortalised inside that glass

the ghosts of those I love

Some memories are intransigent
Inside my bag stowed very safe

two  engraved silver napkin rings

a wooden bowl of cedar wood

an ebony black queen a

reminder of past sins
Inside my bag I have my home

memories, from days gone by

I lost the rest, I am alone

I will be till I die
The hostel for the homeless 

Is where I rest my head

My bag stops my neurosis

My home sits under my bed

Moth to Flame

Moth to your flame
I am attracted to you

Like a moth to your flame 

A shining beacon held true 

As we join  our refrain
I feel your spirit near me 

Though you are far away

I let my essence flow free 

As our spirits interplay
Without ever touching you

I am drawn, to your  spark

We share a very different view

Our experience may be stark
I am attracted to you

Like a moth to a flame

We share deeply truly

As we bridge realities  time frame
We can never be one in a tangible way

But a place in my heart will always remain

I am attracted to you like a moth to a flame

Our memories and laughter forever retained


Can you match me measure for measure

will you be sensitive to my pleasure

can you pull me, out of a web of distrust
you planted  seeds and nurtured their growth

cared so much, brought loving  close

new love new  set of feelings

exciting romance, to expunge past dealings
trying to trust and believe anew

wanting so much, for new love to be true

going slowly taking my time

hoping for partnership truly sublime
love and laughter, joy and gladness

honesty, communication, pleasure without malice

old love,  bad memories  thwarted

new love, new  memories  supported


I lay underneath star and moonlight shine

 Gazing  at the universes majesty

A shower of sparks across  heaven’s line

Underlines lifes fragile mortality
Mother moon bathes all, universal glow

Though shadows fall creating pools of darkness

 World sparkling bright as day its scars still show

From evil this bright light gives no catharsis
Can beauty and warm glow equate to love

Will good deeds and love defeat the demons

I philosophise as I gaze up above

How to learn from humanities seasons
Yet I know we do not learn from history

Each must do their best to solve life’s mystery


The relentless beat of insect wings

The incessant  drone of the bee

Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves

So many sounds for free

The hunting cry of the owl at night

The barking of the fox

All these sounds are so intense 

A quintessential paradox

Swinging high

Swinging high oh so high

Flying free above the earth

Breath coming fast

Exhilaration my repast

The time at last has come

To break away,  leave

 this troubled life

Swinging high oh so high

Mother moon fills my vision

Bathing the world in glorious light

Making daylight out of night

One more pass should aid momentum

Give the push that I will need

Launched now from my swing

Whizzing through the air- no wing

What will be my resting place

Number one on Amazon 

Or basket case.

Lines in Poetry

What are the things that make you choose the length of your lines in your poetry if you are not using a set classical form?
What do you know about using lines to enhance your poem?
Here are somethings I have learned.

Can you add to my knowledge 

Always read your poem aloud to understand where the breaks need to come.
Line breaks are like rests in music a  pause for breath

Very short lines add doubt… suspense

Irregular … sudden rhythm

Short ….nervous energy

Broken syntax ….makes reader focus

Enjambment …..forces the reader to focus on the last word of the line

One line…. fluidity
Line breaks can add sound, music and tone

They can also help creating the emotions of joy, horror or sadness
Where should you make your line breaks?

You need to read it aloud to get the feel for the piece and get the break in the right place

If using enjambment if you are using comas read it aloud to check the coma is in the right place and not forcing a stop where none is needed.
Getting your line breaks wrong can make it difficult for the reader.