Month: Nov 2017

Day Twenty-Three – NanoPoblano – Poem/Poetry – “Primal Progress” by David Ellis (A Double Elevensie Poem)

A new poetry form to try.

toofulltowrite (I've started so I'll finish)

Hey there all of you Ginger Rogers’s and Fred Astaires, let’s dance!

It’s Day Twenty-Three of NanoPoblano AKA National Blog Posting Month (but with a cadre of peeps going by the moniker of as Cheer Peppers) and I’m back with another slice of poetry pandemonium.

I’ve worked on a new form that I’ve not explored before today, thanks to those beautiful folks over at It is called an ‘Elevensie’ and the extremely simple mechanics sitting under the hood can be explored here:-

Elevenie – Wikipedia

I’ve actually produced a “Double Elevensie” (which sounds like a gymnastic movement but thankfully I didn’t pull too many creative muscles composing this). This comprised of looking at word lists of common opposites and coming up with a pairing that complement each other in their respective outlooks.

Since it is such a short form, I will be forgoing the usual tradition of making a…

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Fire a Terza Rima

You are  creator,  destroyer, transformer

Which will you  be, as you play your guitar

I wanted love to be your reformer
You spark and sizzle your essence aflare

You consume, it’s your way of persistance

Your music, just one way, to lay souls bare
You are a blaze, shown with consistence

To consume all the love in your path

You conjoin and snuff other’s existence
If I stay you will ignite your wrath

My love fuel,  for your ego deployer

The outcome from raging fire, certain death
I need to escape become your purifyer

You are creator, transformer, destroyer


Playing, positive, pleasure,

Words, wistful, wonder,

Games, graceful, gratification,

Modish, match, mastermind,

Male, mission,mesmerise,

Beware, bewitch, brazen,

Flirt, forsee, future,

Danger, dalliance,dependence,

Raise, rules, rocking,

Prey, prophetic, paralysis,

Hedonistic,hope, hunger,

Ego, extra, extended,

Reason, rationalise, stay in control.

What is the game?

You need to look carefully 

judge the right moment 

dally for a second 

you could lose  line of sight

the numbers are quite crucial 

to help you move along

if you fail to hit them 

the game will go quite wrong

wings the size of Icarus 

 are not the secret of success

you need small fletchlings

not a feather vest

hand and eye coordination

are needed to make you free

you have to tame the currents

as you  flex minuscule wings

so keep your feet upon the ground

your hand towards your eye

keep your nerve regardless

then you won’t burn or fry.


A megabyte of madness 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle
You became a megabyte of madness

Since we met life’s never been the same

We frankly share happiness and sadness
No false catechism staunches blackness

We listen truly and do not shame

You became a megabyte of madness
We share our secrets with a cheerfulness

Plus a tut or maybe two, but never blame

We frankly share happiness and sadness
Friends across the ether, so priceless

Fate introduced us on a word game

You became a megabyte of madness
We highlight most of our flaws, with bluntness

But you cheer me when my world is aflame

We frankly share happiness and sadness
To say we are in love would be baseless

A different emotion we sustain

You became a megabyte of madness

We frankly share happiness and sadness


Rushing rushing

Frenetically hustling

Life is busy  full of strife

Where can I find the simple life
Bustling  hustling

Ever tussling

No time to listen

To watch the world glisten
Rushing rushing

Frenetically hustling

Life is busy full of strife

Where can I find the simple life
I need a space

To slow my pace

Savour the joys

Ditch the antagonised
Where can I find the simple life

Inside myself  ditch the strife
Life is too short not to enjoy


The journey goes on

        The wheel of life turns

A new awakening burns

                               Thankful to see

New ideas to set me free
Moving through life

Things I can influence

                       Others ambiguous

              Must not waste time 

On things, outside my paradigm 
 Abundant and free

Use influence directly

                         Change the way I see

             Working on the me

Turn irritations to advocacy 
I choose love

                 of the self 

       of life not fixed positions

The journey goes on

Live aware till its gone
I am in awe  blown away

                             I am striving to

           Live life in the happiest way

Red flags like pools of blood

Red flags like pools of blood
We listened at the keyhole Papa 

talking to Mama and Aunt Catherine

They talk of Bolsheviks 

drinking blood from such as us
we must leave for Paris soon

even in the depth of winter

 snow covering the ground

Mama heavily pregnant
We hear a sound and rush to our chairs

Papa strides into the room

He never walks as a mere mortal

mantled in riches and power

his giant moustaches  the best

that ever decorated the winter palace
We dress in old  ragged clothes and 

board the wagon pulled 

by two mismatched nags

into the icy forrest
we trek  moving towards 

the end of Kotlin island

where the jetty joins it to 

the mainland
a Danish steamer and sanctuary

will be waiting if luck is with us.

Oasis in Time

Oasis in Time
We are strangers

 connected in the stratosphere

 combining life and fantasy

although familiarity

 knowing  the other

 is becoming more a reality
We touch bases sharing our lives, 

the parts we want to share

are we misrepresenting

 is it a swizz

Our time spent in banter, play,

 in idle chat, with sexy  innuendo

adding some fizz. 
How much is real

how much dream

is this relationship what it seems? 

that feeling of connection in

our time together seems so real

but our minds add dimensions

changing how we feel 

We are strangers

 connected in the stratosphere

Will we  ever meet 

my secret wish

though  in my heart I know

it’s not in life’s scheme

This is but life’s undertow
We share a window

trembling in time

A little oasis

ours for now

It is enough

Or so I pretend.