Month: Jan 2018


What are the dangers of dreams
Infernal fantastic tortuous schemes
The paths that lead to danger
Leading us to falling in love with a stranger

Life set, priorities to be met
Plans in place, moving apace, direction set
Train moving, tracks straight, becoming truly stulifying
All mapped, feeling trapped, not so surprising

Happiness comes and goes
Life has highs but many lows
Lows can breed dreams
What if – scenario scenes

Perfect life, perfect love just like in stories
That’s how life should be in all its glories

Life imperfect and love low key
Partners drifting apart, less connections beastly

Imperative – Need to find that perfect love
Daydreams sees it clear and corroborative
As the song says
you only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Sweet dreams, perfect dreams, dreams can deceive
Swinging so high, flying on the trapeze
Launching into space, Twisting in the air
Where to land, here, or way over there

Old path , new path just beware
Stop, think and compare
Each path has some danger
Dream path, love with a stranger

You only live twice or so it seems
Once for yourself and once for your dreams

Would I look?

Would I look at you ,the same ,” regardless”
if your eyes were filled with pain
I would probably look closer, more information to obtain
I might want to support you in your struggle to survive
To try to hold a mirror to the you
behind the pain and strife
I would want to demonstrate the power of belief
Particularly those negatives that can become life’s thief
I would look for signs, that you could love yourself
A must to heal that pain, and to transend the past
Would I look at you ,the same ,” regardless”
if your eyes were filled with pain
I would look closer more information to obtain

Oh sweet lover

Oh sweet lover

Have you recovered

Do you ever miss me

Regret being free

Remember my smile

Feel  a ghostly presence awhile

Does it ever make you blue

Though life has moved on its true

Oh ex sweet lover

Have you recovered

Do I haunt the odd dream

Make you restless between

your life’s normal routine,

Do you feel a twinge of regret

As you rearrange the duvet

Oh sweet lover do men suffer too

I so hope that is happening to you

We have moved on, my heart break has gone

I am concerned for your suffering too

Where do you stand?

Where do you stand, in  the summary of your life

Top, bottom, or middle, or just a worker in the hive

Are you on the treadmill, running out of control

Trying to please everybody, multiple roles

Do you see your flaws, rather than your strengths

Give to others, go to any lengths

Feel stressed and unhappy

Try to struggle on, be crappy

Maybe time to stop and take a breath

Review your priorities, centre yourself

If you love others,you have to love you

It enables,a more balanced point of view.

Stars realign

A Villanelle

 Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

 in this nightmare world of retrograde time

Stare into the cosmos look for a sign

Spiral out of control, lost life’s design

You were my anchor now gone such a crime

Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

Need to find a new path draw a new line

Not play the fool, in futile pantomime

Stare into the cosmos look for a sign

Days feeling like weeks dreams seem borderline

My home no longer my haven sublime

Dark days become nights the stars don’t align

Break free from bad feelings must not resign

My love is worth more than a tumbling dime

Stare into the cosmos finding a sign

Love all encompassing, truly divine

waiting to find me, yours was a mime

light days become nights the stars realign

Stare into the cosmos yes there’s a sign

S. Beardon © 2017


I wake to the bright clear light

through the walls of the tent, palace 

best describes  this insubstantial building 

 I stretch in the soft comfort of my bed


The air smells warm, overlaid by dust and earth 

there is a cacophony of noise

chirruping crickets 

competing with the soft and raucous sounds of birds


I listen for the sound of animals in the bush

they were active last night but now strangely silent

there is the faint clink of pans and crockery  from the cooks

My stomach rumbles, time to start my day of adventure


I get up, my feet  caressed

by the animal skin rug and I pause

thinking of the night and the hyena’s jests

Still raising hairs on the back of my neck




I walk the city suburbs 

 with tree lined streets

on a pleasant summers day

with a modicum of heat

a pleasant perambulation

that sort of,          has me freaked

 the hum and rumble of engines

 vibration in the air

the noise of grounded traffic 

stuck in  a       rat run

abetted by the phone app 

to bypass congestion 

I glimpse through open windows

Ongoing family life

Parents and children exposed

To pollutions rising tides

I smell the slightly acrid stench

pumping from exhausts

 nothing very potent and nowt

to see of course 

If I had an infra red camera I could show

the world a sight of danger

would they want to know

 Cars with flaming  tails 

that pinpoint  deadly fumes

and show how they move and spiral

into those innocent living rooms


I read in the paper

lockable bollards might do the trick

so residential streets become closed

and only residents get a fix

it seems the stuff of nightmares

to lock the suburbs down

Is this our best solution

To traffics constant merry go round?