Month: Feb 2018

The book that is me

I wish you could read the book, that is me
The chapters are muddled, loose-leaf and free
I feel self-fulfilled most of the time
Or brimming with emotion, often undefined

Passionate, energetic, a lover of learning
Apathetic and lazy, my negatives churning
I want to put everything right, with the world
To make a difference not remain unheard

My head’s full of secrets I would rather keep
Guarding them hidden even when I sleep
I wish you could interpret the book that is me
Tease out the contradictions, help set them free

Confident, articulate, a natural leader
Shy, unsure, more of a receiver
Am I out in the world or hidden under the bed
Maybe you can tell, I would rather not dwell

Am I trying to fit into this crazy world
Or being myself unreserved
I think you will have to read my book
Find out, check the whole, don’t overlook

Will you see someone open and caring
With a sense of humour meant for sharing
I am not a totally open book
Open the pages and have a look

Samantha Beardon ©

Forever Alone

It’s time for me to say goodbye
Tomorrow the communication unit
Will be switched off forever….
Doomed to fly alone through space and time

She’s old news forgotten by many
Stuck in a dark hole
Unable to communicate hopes and fears
Only able to share some of her precious secrets

Intrepid adventurer, cast into the depths of space
In the arms of her companion controller
Rosetta and Philae comet hunters extrodinaire
Completed a ten year journey to Comet 67P

Launched into space to land on the flying frozen mass
Landing, bouncing and flying
Anchors and harpoons malfunctioning
She stopped and wedged in a fissure location unknown

Eighty hours of scientific data produced
Sent 510 million miles back to earth
then batteries died her dark resting place
shielding her from solar power

As the comet flew nearer the sun
Philae revived briefly sending more data
Exact location on the comet unknown
Until one month before Rosettas demise

Philea photographed in her final resting place
The search is over I’ve found @Philae2014
Tweets bouncing around the ether
Are they reaching her as she flies wind in her hair

Samantha Beardon 2017 ©

Ravening beast?

What is love is it a ravening beast
Is it mainly lust on a body to feast
Does that longing and awe
Have to gnaw at the soul
Does it titilate the senses
Make us insane

What is love is it a ravening beast
Is it joy exquisite and misery ceased
Where is the balance between
The want and the need
The caring and sharing
On which it must feed

When is love just tender and pure
Not just longings we have to endure
Its tendrils are there to be nutured
To grow
In the early days of love lust
We know not what we sew

Maybe we learn from loves early mistakes
It’s important to survive those early heart breaks
To tame the heart of the ravening beast
To find eternal happiness
Is a goal we may never reach

Love is

Love is the joy,
Love is the motivator,
Love is the buzz,
Love is the decoy,
Love is the lance
stabbing the unwary,
Love is a dance,
Love can be bitter,
Love can be sweet,
Love can destroy,
Love can be a laser
cauterising the heart,
Love can be pain
tearing worlds apart,
Love can be bitter,
Love can be sweet,
Love can be dark
twisted with blight,
Love can be bright
radiating light,
Love is an emotion
hard to define,
Comes in many guises,
Wilt thou be mine,
Love is the bell weather,
Love the holy grail,
If its missing we think we failed.

© Samantha Beardon


You walk beside me
Even though we are worlds apart

I have the pictures of you
Mind generated
Plus photographs sent over the ether
I have the pictures of you

Sharing with you
You are at the other end of my phone
Communication may be indirect but still
Sharing with you

Never feeling truly alone
An illusion that gives me strength

© Samantha Beardon

What do I see?

Look into the mirror what do I see
Do I see, the outer shell that masquerades as me
Look a little closer, stare into my eyes
Can I see an inner glow, flickering, burning, a surprise
Ah maybe that is my inner light
The me stripped of pretences, burning ever bright

Look more closely at others, past the different facades
Can I find the inner light behind their masquerades
Will I find a different person hiding there inside
Away from the projected face, with filters all applied
Society encourages conformity, that maybe makes us blind
Who is lurking underneath, waiting for us to find?