Two cafe poems

Beneath my feet is a floor made of stone bricks,
squeaky sounds heard
while I walk towards the counter
The baristas standing in front of me
smiling and welcoming me passionately
the list of drinks is displayed on the wall
behind the bar
ranging from Cappuccino to Frappuccino
teas to juices
there is a board advertising smoothies and soup
a range of cakes and pastries are stacked
on glass shelves by the till
this area long and narrow
with tables along the outside wall
it makes the foyer area difficult to
negotiate the loading of trays and moving
through to the cafe
delicious smell of coffee
the sounds of laughter and chatter
the cafe proper large rectangular
bare bricks walls painted white
high ceilings industrial
a mine field of obstacles, bags, pushchairs
to trip the unwary


It’s all a balancing act
carrying tray and handbag
dangling like an offensive weapon
through a crowded cafe
full mostly of female customers
the highchair with the tow headed toddler
impeding the space needed to move forward
bags, arms and even a dog
make reversing difficult
bright sunlight making me squint
illuminating stark white walls
a myriad of hair colours
and the universal winter drab wardrobe

the small wooden tables for two
hold items for a lunchtime snack
large cups of coffee and toasted sandwiches
my stomach rumbles as the aroma hits me
Pots of tea and toasted tea cakes
dotted with globes of golden butter
I move backwards to a junction
then plough forward again
towards the beacon of the sunlight
table next to the picture window
As I murmer excuse me, sorry like a mantra

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