Life confounds

What is it with life it has ups and downs pleasure , pain, joy and heartbreak do the rounds Would that our lives could, just be pleasure No pain or woe for us to measure. Why is it, things go so wrong bad things happen regardless just be strong How do I deal with the … More Life confounds

World poetry Day entries from the Rising moon poetry group. Facebook.

#worldpoetryday Reactions The seed was planted long ago In the pit of despair That forms my stomach Sending out acid tendrils That snake around my trachea And squeeze the breath From my inflated lungs That invade the neurons Within my brain Short-circuiting each connection Each attempt to overcome Or circumvent The rising fear What can … More World poetry Day entries from the Rising moon poetry group. Facebook.


What is it, about our uniqueness, Should it exist?  Is it seen as a weakness, To be burnt away, like mist, Our spark and our idiosyncrasies, Does society want us to conform, Join the herd, act in ways that please, Step in line, stay within the norm, What is it about, your uniqueness, That I … More Uniqueness

Uneven laces

Ugly black laceups like shiny leather shoe-boxes slight squeak when I walked… and I had to buy them how I hated those shoes First day dressed early collar constricting and scratchy apron swishing the upside down watch pen in pocket, hair neat and tidy topped with starched cap nurse kit in motion, stepping into the … More Uneven laces

Youthfulness v Age

Twenties feels shy No self confidence, didn’t pull the guys Body language, tended to say, dont talk, go away Thirties feels better, career confidence, go getter Maybe still a little self conscious, in the social whirl but gets better Body language more open ,comprehensive, come talk, am groving Forties, lives life, career rocketing Good social … More Youthfulness v Age


Serendipitous soliloquy Does this tirade scan iambically I pace the floor shouting my declaimation Trying to rid myself of my consternation You swore you loved me, chased and wooed me I began to trust became your devotee How could I become sucked in to this morass I feel a sad rejected lass My ego has … More Soliloquy

The Beast from the East

England has unusually heavy snow falls Written in the Triolet form The beast from the East Snow beautiful, white, pristine falls Blankets the landscape causes chaos Gales from Siberia whoosh, life stalls Snow beautiful, white, pristine falls Drifts on roads, traffic stuck,life mauls All night in cars and vans pathos Snow beautiful, white, pristine falls … More The Beast from the East