Portrait of you

There is no mistaking you, Standing poised by the jeep, surrounded by fractured light as the sun bounces off metal and glass, Your head thrown back, emitting sounds, that I cannot hear, Although I am imagining, the infectious booming laughter, rolling from your lips. As I move closer, you shift, showing a chistled profile, under … More Portrait of you


Anticipation Starting a new chapter Anticipation New period of rapture Anticipation Tick all the boxes Anticipation Expecting lots of validation Throw out procrastination Anticipation Putting aside old wrongs Clean sheet being strong Anticipation Damp down expectations Anticipation Waiting for adventure, to hatch Anticipation © Samantha Beardon


Infused Standing close I drink the view I trace your mouth The essence of you I gaze in your eyes Drown in their pools My emotions stretched Sexuality infused Your hot breath Grazes my cheek I take a step closer Feel so weak Your heartbeat Meshes with mine Safe in your arms In our special … More Infused

Desert Island

Clouds are building and tinted opalescent The sky is pinky golden orange bathed The sun drops from the sky into the sea As it hangs it radiates a light stripe Across the coloured water a path I stand on the darkening sand awe struck Should I tread that path or sit by the boat I … More Desert Island

The wheeze effect

They heard a cracked wheezing and scraping as she practiced her chords on the violin Slow speed amplified the noises and screeches The wipers wheezed as they tried to shift The snow from the windscreen as it fell In increasing amounts clogging the mechanism She had an idea a fun plan It would cause some … More The wheeze effect

A Three-Pointer

Originally posted on unbolt me:
Do you know how to tell a good poem from a bad one? It’s easy. I can teach you. Just crumple up a sheet of paper and throw it into the bin in the far corner. The bad poem never reaches it. It will always drop somewhere halfway, rebounding off…