Poetry group.

Poets I am running a poetry group on facebook called Rising Moon Poetry. There are some great poets, we are trying different things like some poetry workshops, poetry discussion, critique and discussion of each others work. We want a lively cohort of poets to explore poetry as well as write it. Why not join us?

What makes?

What makes you smile? Is it sometimes naughty? or is it more pc like high and haughty? secret pleasure or a combination of things that tickle your fancy? Make life zing what sort of humour makes you belly laugh? what makes you grin? what makes you smile? when do you cackle without guile? what about … More What makes?


From a prompt Love tastes like ….. Duality My Love feels like I am wrapped in a warm fluffy blanket Safe sheltered succoured My love can feel like an icy draft stinging my eyes Adding goosebumps to my skin If the blanket slips My love tastes like Smooth and mellow chocolate Sweet and melting on … More Duality

Cloud character

Cumulus clouds from which I coalesced Creative spark the rhyme suggests Pulling the magical strands from the air Fashioning it, into sinews and hair. Cumulonimbus prestiging stormy cries Creating fiction, no compromise Awaiting the lightening bolt to strike Harnessing its energy, waiting to write. Comulus clouds from which I coalesced Character drawn from ether, feeling … More Cloud character

On the edge

On the edge of a cliff above the abyss As you reach for me , the world is on fire The sky lights up with my desire The moon grows larger and expands Grows greater with the touch of your hands Enslaved by the luminosity Mesmerised by the light of curiosity I focus on that … More On the edge