Unwanted Guest

Black with eight legs sitting in the corner Web nicely built quite a transformer Sure to eat the flies, must be good order What makes me freak out, I am not a barn stormer Not sure if it was eye contact, but both went rigid Want it out my house, thats my baser instinct I … More Unwanted Guest

Trophy in the sky

Searching looking for something new My whole being divided in two Emotional and physical needs kept apart Hard to do it wrenches the heart Touch my mind move within Share our lives like breeze on skin Knowing in my heart as time goes by Just another trophy in the sky Deciding the straight or crooked … More Trophy in the sky

Feet Forward

Feet forward tears behind Centring myself clearing my mind No longer floating between here and there Moving out of limbo feeling kind of scared Looking at the signposts for where I’m to go Future is beckoning, be structured, not just go with the flow Let go of heartache see the shining light Digging new foundations … More Feet Forward

Answers on a Postcard

Light Dark Dusk Dawn Lucidity Confusion Tragedy- Comedy Divided- in- half Moveable Feast Moving Continuum Emotional Turmoil Love Hate Wish I knew Past Future Relationship Dichotomy Right Wrong Wish I knew!!! Do you? Samantha Beardon c.

Words of Love

Words of love often suppressed Kindness taken for granted, unexpressed Presumption of thoughts, norms and dreams Seems we no longer talk of schemes Drifting along feather light Lack of communication, lack of fight We need to look closely, see the whole Clean the windows, throw light on the soul View, the other objectively, eschew control … More Words of Love