Quote: Friendship

Quote from Caught in Passion by Samantha Beardon.

A book of Poetry,Quotes and Pictures Friendship

, Romance, Relationships, Love and Desire.

One thought on “Quote: Friendship

  1. # emerging
    Rising Moon.


    Written in a Laura Lamarca’s “A L’Arora” Style with a Samantha Beardon’s Internal Twist.
    Written by Narendra Rajkumar – 23.11.19.

    When the Sun sets, what does it make me think?
    My ageing Life that is ending shortly,
    Did I throw my Hat in the ring early?
    My legacy sat incomplete, too soon.
    Sunset shows still what I must accomplish,
    Leaving so soon that I might leave nothing.

    Take back my Hat before Sunset,
    Contribute what has some meaning.

    “New Age” Style is what I have created,
    Writers may know that it is needed now.
    Sunset shows still what I must accomplish,
    Forget known Styles that was written before.
    Sunset has shown that it changes daily,
    Setting Sun shows what I leave in Writing.

    Write Poems that shows what you feel,
    This is Mark that I’m now leaving.



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