Valentines Day is fast approaching

Send a gift of love this Valentines Day.
Caught in Passion a book of poetry and quotes for friendship, love and desire perfect for the day of love.

You beguile me

The messages and the pictures
Are sent to beguile and bewitch us
I am there for you and you for me
To add another layer to infinity
To help us take some pleasure
To become bonded, measure for measure
The ecstatic state that you can create
Makes me glad that you are my mate
Leaves me breathless
Happiness endless.
Samantha Beardon

You are the symphony
Lavish loving orchestra
Music resonating to the sky
We lay looking at the cosmos
I see the ripples from your music
Hear new sounds as it hits the stars
Nerve endings tingling
Never more alive
Than in this moment.
Samantha Beardon

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