Category: memories

I got carried away

I got carried away by our interaction
I know it was a source of mutual attraction
I got carried away by your seeming caring
Those whispered words and the texts endearing
I imagined we shared something special at times
I am sure we did, but we were fleetingly aligned
You had the others
Then there were your brothers
Our time together intense
In this universe immense
I realised that I had got carried away
The day you forgot my words of yesterday
As one of the crowd I am just a fleeting fling
I will never be around when cupid releases the arrow from the sling
It pains me to release these silken chords
But our relationship will not win any awards
I got carried away and am getting hurt
I am setting us free, my love to divert.

Future memories

What will I think of you in years to come
Will my memory of events be true or turned to none
I hope the best moments will still be there
Or will they be subsumed by the bitter share
How can I hold the bliss, the joy of you
Will it just be a transient pleasure, with no review
As life twists and turns and feelings change
Will memories be soured and rearranged
We are in the throes of passion
Let it in we don’t have to ration
Let’s enjoy our time together
Hope these headlines showcase the endeavour
With work and luck we will continue to add new chapters
Keeping love in our lives, making raptures
Right now let’s try to make great moments
Catch the rainbow, bottle the psychosis
What will I think of you in years to come