Character traits part of a discussion.

Last night I think our conversation became slightly skewed…because I was trying to work through the major character traits of our Eve and Rick….and was trying to work through the negative traits that impact on Eve and Rick and thus their actions and how that might impact on the story ….
We only really talked about negative…
Personalities are complex and what makes a person tick is complicated…but the balance of traits does change how people behave in situations…need to be a shrink to completely analyse…
Understanding needs, motivations and how positive and negative traits develop is an integral part of understanding a person.
So yesterday was talking about negative traits in isolation…..and anger, jealousy, greed, lust ,  feeling one cant do anything right, feeling unloved, feeling unsafe, feeling inferior, arrogance for example are negative traits that impact behaviour but are maybe  balanced by positive traits in our overall personality…
That’s how every persons personality is made…in everyday life we don’t analyse it …we accept how people behave….we are drawn to people whose basic personality resonates with our beliefs and views of the world, we admire peoples strengths and in those people we tolerate those things in them that might not resonate with us…even the annoying ways they may behave sometimes…. Think of some of the things that occasionally irritate you about your friends….
We love our friends flaws and all….because their strengths are the essence of them
Its human to hone in on flaws ..BUT its a persons strengths that we most admire
Negative traits can be overcome…..replaced by positive behaviours….hard to do…but if we understand …what our motivations are can happen…positive growth
But in times of stress and crisis it may be the negative traits that steer our behaviour… equally might be the positive ….honour,compassion,kindness,desire to protect others,
Its what causes one person to develop traits like curiosity, decisiveness,and adaptability, while another becomes thoughtful,observant and empathetic….that’s interesting….
First thing is morality….the way right and wrong is seen…
Then the meeting of needs…
For example if a person is safe secure and loved but craves the recognition and esteem of others then the traits of determination, efficiency and perseverance may develop.
When needs are not met anxiety and dissatisfaction develop and behaviour might change…
Core needs are important in life and if a need goes unmet for a long time ,anxiety can change a persons moral compass…
What a person will or will not do in any given situation depends on the the depth of the need and the persons ability to satisfy the need.

Positive traits include creativity, discipline,  resourcefulness, caution,generosity,patience, courtesy…
So the negative….or flaw is only a part….but they are the things that drive destructive behaviour….and can in theory be modified and changed.
Sorry this is an essay…just really concerned that the discussion last night was only part of the whole personality picture.
People and what makes us tick really interests me……and I do sometimes pick up on the negatives that I see…when people are demonstrating self limiting behaviour….

Ebb and flow of far away relationships


The tides of feeling ebb and flow

Fantasy, reality side by side grow

I shut my eyes and all I see
Is your smiling face looking down on me
It makes me want to run and find
Love and succour of another kind
But you are oh, so far away
A fantasy at the end of the day

I want to reach and touch your hand

In my mind I almost can, in this world, fantasy land
You fill my soul with song and light

Add a dimension that meshes just right

We share some parts of our lives

Though a full account will never arrive

I read your words and scour the lines
For meanings that are left behind

But you are oh so far away
Just a dream at the end of the day
This sharing brings some emotional pain
But equally an amount of gain

I accept the limitations of this world

It adds dimension sails unfurled

I close my eyes and all I see
Is a fantasy fading away from me


Feel the rhythm feel the beat
Sense the music adding heat
Threads of sound around, around
Those Vibrations shake the ground

Musicians play with all their might
Sending melodies into the night
Threads of sound around, around
Stir the soul, nerve endings pound

Bodies jostle ,writhe and shake
Dancing to the musics take
Threads of sound around and around
Mesmerised by the magicians sound.

Coming up from within.

Jo Traveller


I am in awe
Blown away
Can’t ever unsee
What I saw tonight
Thankful for the awakening

I am abundant
Connected and pure
Can’t ever change what is
Only how I see
And my eyes are open

I am love
Can love myself
Without guilt or self hatred
And still be ok

Coming up from within
Can’t stop me now
Bursting with life
With a smile on my face

The journey goes on
Never starting or stopping
Just going forever
As love does in me

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