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Caught in Passion Free Download

Caught in Passion

My first book of poetry and quotes written at the beginning of my poetry journey is on promotion.
Caught in Passion is on promotion and is free on Amazom Kindle from 27th to 29th July.
It is a collection based on friendship, romance, love and desire.


Jeffrey Boyer Review of Caught in Passion.
Insight and truth are considered the domain of philosophers, psychologists, and music stars. The poet is too often overlooked. Poetry is emotions, yes?. Yet, Samantha Beardon couples insight, truth, and emotion in “Caught In Passion”. Not a text book nor the Notebook, Caught In Passion a journey thorough
romance and love,
beliefs, loving the self, relationship stumbling blocks,
love lost
(also the sections in her book) with the mind of a philosopher and the passion of the poet. Will this book make you think? Yes. Will it make you feel? Yes. Will you see yourself on many pages. Yes. What’s wrong with that? Isn’t that exactly why you read? Read this book. As the title of the review says, I was caught up in the passion of Samantha’s ‘Caught In Passion’.