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Acrostic ….Adventure…..challenge

Are you familiar with the Acrostic poem? Where you write a word vertically down a page and fit an apposite word or sentence for each line?
Acrostic Style – This is a poem that is constructed in such a way that the first letter of each

line can be compiled together to spell one or more words. They may often be the same as

the title.
This example is particularly clever it begins and ends with Stroud,

by Paul Hansford –
Set among hills in the midst of five valleyS,

This peaceful little market town we inhabiT

Refuses (vociferously!) to be a conformeR.

Once home of the cloth it gave its name tO,

Uphill and down again its streets lead yoU.

Despite its faults it leaves us all charmeD.
Here is a one ended acrostic for adventure.

Addictive activity
Voyage into new territory
Extreme excitement

Navigating new pathways

Thrill seeking comes in different colours

Unlimited opportunities

Risk or risk averse there are opportunities to

Experience adventure.
Any one care to try one in the comments section or challenge me to do a different one?

Ticking Clock

Late nights turn quickly to early morning

As I recognise the spark of an idea

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Space between the second hand is falling

Recognising potential could be the reason

Late nights turn quickly to early morning


I will have recognised a new dawning

of ideas, to be pushed in the arena

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Between punctuation and profundities crossing

I do not recognise my tired demeanor

Late nights turn quickly into early mornings


Lack of  sleep, causes serious mourning

Tomorrow I will recognise this schema

Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning


Without rhyme or reason need becomes longing

Recognising insomnia and amensia

Late nights turn into early mornings

The ticking clock issues no warning
Written in the Villanelle form.

Fire a Terza Rima

You are  creator,  destroyer, transformer

Which will you  be, as you play your guitar

I wanted love to be your reformer
You spark and sizzle your essence aflare

You consume, it’s your way of persistance

Your music, just one way, to lay souls bare
You are a blaze, shown with consistence

To consume all the love in your path

You conjoin and snuff other’s existence
If I stay you will ignite your wrath

My love fuel,  for your ego deployer

The outcome from raging fire, certain death
I need to escape become your purifyer

You are creator, transformer, destroyer

A megabyte of madness 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle
You became a megabyte of madness

Since we met life’s never been the same

We frankly share happiness and sadness
No false catechism staunches blackness

We listen truly and do not shame

You became a megabyte of madness
We share our secrets with a cheerfulness

Plus a tut or maybe two, but never blame

We frankly share happiness and sadness
Friends across the ether, so priceless

Fate introduced us on a word game

You became a megabyte of madness
We highlight most of our flaws, with bluntness

But you cheer me when my world is aflame

We frankly share happiness and sadness
To say we are in love would be baseless

A different emotion we sustain

You became a megabyte of madness

We frankly share happiness and sadness

Bridge….. a Clogyrnach

The clogyrnach (klawg-ur-NAWK’) is one of the 24 traditional Welsh poetry forms. It is a stanzaic, syllabic and rhymed form. Each stanza consists of 32 syllables and two rhymes. It can be written three different ways, in 6, 5, or 4 lines, as described below. 
This is not a difficult form to craft, but if done with care it can create some amazingly beautiful works. Here are the three patterns which may be used:

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B 

x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B

x x B x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x x x x A

x x x x B

x x x x B x x B x x A
Bridge of sighs  new water flowing

Beautiful scene soft and glowing

Mirrors emotions

Feels like devotions

 Love notions now showing
Bridge of sighs love has vanished

Scene now grey beauty banished

All I see is you

Now you are taboo

A bright view tarnished
Beautiful bridge flowing  stream

I see you clearly in my dream

A pointer to life

Don’t get stuck in strife

Love’s drive is  just one theme



I lay underneath star and moonlight shine

 Gazing  at the universes majesty

A shower of sparks across  heaven’s line

Underlines lifes fragile mortality
Mother moon bathes all, universal glow

Though shadows fall creating pools of darkness

 World sparkling bright as day its scars still show

From evil this bright light gives no catharsis
Can beauty and warm glow equate to love

Will good deeds and love defeat the demons

I philosophise as I gaze up above

How to learn from humanities seasons
Yet I know we do not learn from history

Each must do their best to solve life’s mystery