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still watersafter the rapidsyour upturned canoe Samantha

Ticking Clock

Late nights turn quickly to early morning As I recognise the spark of an idea Whilst the ticking clock issues no warning   Space between the second hand is falling Recognising potential could be the reason Late nights turn quickly to early morning   I will have recognised a new dawning of ideas, to beContinue reading “Ticking Clock”

Fire a Terza Rima

You are  creator,  destroyer, transformer Which will you  be, as you play your guitar I wanted love to be your reformer You spark and sizzle your essence aflare You consume, it’s your way of persistance Your music, just one way, to lay souls bare You are a blaze, shown with consistence To consume all theContinue reading “Fire a Terza Rima”

A megabyte of madness 

A megabyte of madness – A Villanelle You became a megabyte of madness Since we met life’s never been the same We frankly share happiness and sadness No false catechism staunches blackness We listen truly and do not shame You became a megabyte of madness We share our secrets with a cheerfulness Plus a tutContinue reading “A megabyte of madness “

Bridge….. a Clogyrnach

The clogyrnach (klawg-ur-NAWK’) is one of the 24 traditional Welsh poetry forms. It is a stanzaic, syllabic and rhymed form. Each stanza consists of 32 syllables and two rhymes. It can be written three different ways, in 6, 5, or 4 lines, as described below.  This is not a difficult form to craft, but ifContinue reading “Bridge….. a Clogyrnach”