Memory Book

For the bemused and bewildered, a memory book Sets out main events, to reminisce and look I am bemused and bewildered, by your behaviour Trying to understand it, taste the flavour The trouble is, that memories vary My grasp on events, is contrary Are the vignettes of life, just pantomimes Was it smoke and mirrors,Continue reading “Memory Book”

See Yourself Series

Is your partner failing to meet your needs, not making you happy, are you drifting apart? Are new relationships failing? Maybe some of the cause of your problems is the amount of emotional baggage you are carrying that is impacting on your behaviour and your expectations. How much emotional baggage are you carrying ? IsContinue reading “See Yourself Series”

I am an island

Our core beliefs are often hidden even from ourselves they are the instincts and drivers we work to. The can enhance our lives or sabotage our lives. Life falling into the same patterns? Making the same errors? You need to trace your actions back to your beliefs. #seeyourselfseries #instapoetry #beliefs #samanthabeardon #life

See yourself series. 4.

We can be very good at dropping a shed load of emotional baggage at a partner’s feet and expecting them to pick it up and shoulder it. This is the way to a failed relationship. We have to learn to be responsible for, and changing our own insecurities and negative beliefs.

Timed to expire

Timed to expire Words of love often repressed Kindness taken for granted – unprocessed Presumption of thoughts – norms and dreams We no longer share – future schemes Drifting along – feather light Lack of communication – lack of fight Words of love often suppressed Bonds and feelings – dispossessed Living life in a dullContinue reading “Timed to expire”


What is it, about our uniqueness, Should it exist?  Is it seen as a weakness, To be burnt away, like mist, Our spark and our idiosyncrasies, Does society want us to conform, Join the herd, act in ways that please, Step in line, stay within the norm, What is it about, your uniqueness, That IContinue reading “Uniqueness”