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What is it, about our uniqueness,

Should it exist?

 Is it seen as a weakness,

To be burnt away, like mist,
Our spark and our idiosyncrasies,

Does society want us to conform,

Join the herd, act in ways that please,

Step in line, stay within the norm,
What is it about, your uniqueness,

That I celebrate and applaud,

Your honesty, drive and genius,

Your flaws I also laud,
What is it, about my uniqueness,

That I cherish and nurture,

The me that exists, that’s not seamless,

My drive for happiness, still a searcher,
Our spark and idiosyncrasies,

Should be cherished,

They are the oil and the antifreeze,

That fuel creativity, not see it perished.

Fantasy and reality

Fantasy and reality side by side grow

boundaries blur where is the plateau?

starkness of words translated into pictures

 holes in the substance, filled in, no glitches

Subconscious embellishment start a glow

bad habits, never witnessed, don’t spoil the show

endearments uttered are stored in memories box

 intense and  important, they become a paradox

She needs her emotions stirred, to feel a connection

his drivers very different, need inspection

married to other’s, they met playing a game

chatting and sharing life in a cyber domain

She’s desperate for love, her happiness compromised 

she grabs  affection and excitement, it makes her blind

he looks for  flirtation, moves through lusts revolving door

 enjoys the immediate journey, never requiring more

Intimacy inevitably grows with the sharing

 Could be great, if their perspectives were pairing

she loves that he calls her by that special name

unaware he calls, all other girls the same

He is wrapped up and interested, its no ploy

but soon he will be bored and move  to another  toy

her one in a million man will gradually pull away

Leaving her devastated  and crying at close of day

Just to say

William Carlos Williams an imagist poet wrote with great brevity and wrote a poem in note form called Just to Say .

I have attempted a poem in the same style
I asked you and you said

No you didn’t want one

Have been dropping hints 

About the benefits
I know we haven’t had 

a detailed discussion

I worry that hot water

bottles will burst
So I just want to say

I have ordered one

An electric blanket which

I hope will make us both
More comfortable 


Serendipitous soliloquy 

Does this tirade scan iambically

I pace the floor while shouting my declaimation 

Trying to rid myself of my consternation

You swore you loved me, You chased and wooed me

I began to trust and became your devotee

How could I become sucked in to this morass

I am feeling such an ass
My ego has nose dived my world has rocked

I am feeling such dismay my system is shocked

This drama is unfolding as I play my scene

Wishing like Shakespeare the villain could intervene

Or at least eavesdrop on this great soliloquy

Instead of an audience composed of just me

I hope across the ether the echoes resonate

Making you aware of my solitary debate

New passion

Newly met

Learning yet

Thunder rumbles

Lightening strikes

Nerve endings raw

Pouring down wild and wet

Getting  ready getting set
Unexpected newly directed

Thoroughly affected

Passion takes hold unrestrained

Nothing about this can be tamed

Mind pictures set the flames

Until the lust peaks and wanes

Sharing Time

Sharing time with you

Makes me happy

       Respite from reality

A secret space

      Touch and embrace

Feelings of vitality

Wrap close around me

Like tendrils of morning mist

                          Clinging, hard to resist
Sharing time with you

Is the pinnacle of my week

            Emotional peak

From that first meet, kiss

The feelings of bliss

                     Engulf me

You feed my mind

I reply in kind

                Cerebral compatibility


Playing, positive, pleasure,

Words, wistful, wonder,

Games, graceful, gratification,

Modish, match, mastermind,

Male, mission,mesmerise,

Beware, bewitch, brazen,

Flirt, forsee, future,

Danger, dalliance,dependence,

Raise, rules, rocking,

Prey, prophetic, paralysis,

Hedonistic,hope, hunger,

Ego, extra, extended,

Reason, rationalise, stay in control.

The Line


This is the line do not cross

Don’t refuse to talk that’s dumb unjust

Don’t Lash out – it will only breed mistrust

In relationships lose the moral high ground

Chose your reactions wisely, they need to be sound 

Your drivers your beliefs turn judgements round

Try to think, not just react choices abound

Air your problems calmly, don’t just fuss

Look out for fairness, listen don’t hush

This is the line do not cross