Climate Change Anthology

The Passion for Poetry institute has just run a 4 week course on Climate Change and Poetry. Here is an Anthology of the Students Assignment Poems. The students are mostly young Nigerians with a Passion to Learn Poetry enjoy their first efforts on Climate Change.


I read of adventures enacted by somethey climb    treacherous mountains such ideas     leave me numb                 they   free style    across high barren cliffs       bungee jump over an abyss I freak at the thought ofthe mind blowing    effort    danger          despair                a half inch from death yet life is a mountain with nail biting climbs SamanthaContinue reading “Climbing”

Memory Book

For the bemused and bewildered, a memory book Sets out main events, to reminisce and look I am bemused and bewildered, by your behaviour Trying to understand it, taste the flavour The trouble is, that memories vary My grasp on events, is contrary Are the vignettes of life, just pantomimes Was it smoke and mirrors,Continue reading “Memory Book”

Feeling the sound

how night changeswith the saxophone’s weepas notes untangle themselvesfloating in the air like dandelion seedsthen become charged with bellicose beauty as they meld with the chasing archipelagosfrom the keyboard player’s nimble fingerslike twirling ribbons arching through the airthe atmosphere charged with emotionas the saxaphone weeps. Samantha Beardon


There is a persistant plip plopscritch scratch scratch scritchstaccato beats like the tappingof alien fingers on the window. I pause and shiver shoulders tenseIt must be the amplified sound of rainand leaves yet there is a discordancein the air like the distant call of the tocsin. I shrug and turn on Rusalka and sit feetContinue reading “Tocsin”


still watersafter the rapidsyour upturned canoe Samantha

Pauses in poetry

Rhythmic pauses in poetry The caesura plural caesurae.It can be used in poetry and prose.This literary device involves creating a break of a breath within a line where the two separate parts are distinguishable from one another yet intrinsically linked together. The purpose of using a caesura is to create a dramatic pause, which hasContinue reading “Pauses in poetry”