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Acrostic ….Adventure…..challenge

Are you familiar with the Acrostic poem? Where you write a word vertically down a page and fit an apposite word or sentence for each line?
Acrostic Style – This is a poem that is constructed in such a way that the first letter of each

line can be compiled together to spell one or more words. They may often be the same as

the title.
This example is particularly clever it begins and ends with Stroud,

by Paul Hansford –
Set among hills in the midst of five valleyS,

This peaceful little market town we inhabiT

Refuses (vociferously!) to be a conformeR.

Once home of the cloth it gave its name tO,

Uphill and down again its streets lead yoU.

Despite its faults it leaves us all charmeD.
Here is a one ended acrostic for adventure.

Addictive activity
Voyage into new territory
Extreme excitement

Navigating new pathways

Thrill seeking comes in different colours

Unlimited opportunities

Risk or risk averse there are opportunities to

Experience adventure.
Any one care to try one in the comments section or challenge me to do a different one?

Hollow Dream

I reflect on what we might have been
had things been different
life’s unforseen,twists and turns
follows fates convuluted hand
I had a glimpse a dream
a different future – built on sand

Would we have been greater in pairing
or a disaster that fate has been kind in sparing
our paths met, then diverged, adding richness
loneliness and sadness in the parting
leaving a layer of learning which must add growth
or is this but a hollow dream

What I am yet to become
will be due to singular striving
happiness and fulfillment
in this life needs work and dedication
I reflect on what is now
what might have been I disallow

Another world, another life, we might be bliss
until then I move forward to fulfill my destiny
living life to the full only more so
because I shared a morsel of it with you
This is not a hollow dream.

Samantha Beardon ©


What is it with life
it has ups and downs
Pleasure , pain, joy
and heartbreak
do the rounds

Would that our lives
could, just be pleasure
No pain or woe
for us to measure

Why is it, things
go so wrong
Bad things happen
just be strong

How do I deal
with the days
that are black
when the roof
caves in
the cheque
bounces back

I have to dig deep
in my reserve
in my internal resevoir
my beliefs must serve

What is it with life
it has ups and downs
pleasure, pain, joy
and heartbreak

Life can confound
What is it with life?

Samantha Beardon ©

Unwanted Guest

Black with eight legs sitting in the corner
Web nicely built quite a transformer
Sure to eat the flies, must be good order
What makes me freak out, I am not a barn stormer
Not sure if it was eye contact, but both went rigid
Want it out my house, thats my baser instinct
I need my new weapon to banish it from my life
Might be a flamethrower, but thats too much strife
I back out the door, watching it all the while
Need to turn my back to reach into a pile
I reach for the catcher and remove its cap
Test all the mechanisms, ready for spider zap
Back with the spider now have to be so brave
After all its maybe half an inch and I am a six foot knave
Eyes swivelling wildly I turn the machine to suck
Poke it towards it, it works thats good luck
Spider in the tube, should I put on the cap
Maybe not that brave it might land in my lap
Catcher held out in front of me,leave the sucker on
Run for the window I shake the tube, is it gone?
Oh no the little varmint is crouching looking at me
Now I am wondering, which of us should flee
I shake it out again and this time it has gone
Slam the window shut, Poor spider was I wrong?
Half an hour ago I was sleepy ready for bed
Now my veins are pumping adrenaline instead

Unanswerable Questions

Am I truly happy?
Could I have been happier?
Did I make the right choice last year?
If I had taken a different route, would I have less fear?
Does happiness have a pinnacle?
Or will tomorrow supply me more?
If my choices had been different,would I have a better outcome?
If I could rewind would I climb a different mountain?

Take a deep breath and stop the angst
I cannot obssess about what might have been
Am I content in the now?
Working on that with all my know how
I have to adapt, learn to change
Look to the future to rearrange
The past is the past it will help me to learn
But if I obsess, I won’t get a return

I can day dream the changes my life would have
But I will never know, its a life I never had
Am I truly happy?
If not I must strive
Move into the future
New choices to derive.

Samantha Beardon ©