Life is a circus
Some would say
Does that mean a dull grind
day after day
Or a series of adventures
With new skills to learn
Maybe with some stress
to grin and burn

Life is a circus
Some would say
Populated with clowns
sinister or cliché
But how about the strongman
Or the lion tamer
In a circus there are
many entertainers

If life is a circus
What do we see
What does it mean

for you and me?

I am an island

Our core beliefs are often hidden even from ourselves they are the instincts and drivers we work to. The can enhance our lives or sabotage our lives. Life falling into the same patterns? Making the same errors? You need to trace your actions back to your beliefs.
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I lay on a bed
In the dark of the night
Twisting and turning
Dreaming tight

Dressed all in satin
A sensuous sight
A sacrifical pose
From a satanic rite

You are beside me
Your breath on my skin
I welcome your presence
A reprise to begin

My world and my lover
You left me, chagrin
Now you are back
Great joy set to win

I feel immortal
Your touch energises
You make me whole
I forgive you your lies

I turn towards you
Then let out a scream
Dressed all in black
A dark angel you seem

Is this the darkness
That fills your soul
Those feathered wings
Added control

You bend to kiss me
Instead suck out my breath
You make me the sacrifice
You, seem like the angel of death

As I seem to diminish
My breathing to stop
No I must fight
I will survive, will I not

I lay on a bed
In the dark of the night
Twisting and turning
Radiating light.

Samantha Beardon ©