Adventure to one is purgatory to the next, An unusual and exciting or daring experience, Kick starts the hormones, prestiges giddyness, Thats what they would have us believe, Testing the boundaries,kicking the traces, Striving to have fun, finding four aces, Be it the adrenaline rush, or the wonder inspired, Its out of the comfort zone, … More OAdventure


Looking out across  the great divide Time slows as I see the mirage Coming slowly closer Shimmering light surrounds the image A man emerges lightening flashes His hand touches my face I am On fire feeling  energised alive.

Another year older!

Oh woe, I woke up today, Granted a good thing,anyway, I looked in the mirror and seemed the same, Slightly creased and crumpled, hair a tatty mane, My angst,  is mostly due to the  fact, I aged a whole year in the night, a really unfair attack, Birthdays are often fun, More especially, when we … More Another year older!

Walking out

Every dream you promised me Drew me close, then misery Your words were seductive don’t you see. You took my heart and held it safe I gave my trust, to an inventive knave My first mistake, I can vouchsafe. Those carefully crafted  lies of yours Drew me in, closed other doors You locked my heart, … More Walking out