Checkmate, parlous state Playing games, no rebate Trying moves, pulling strokes Checkmate, making jokes Cruel puns, not shared laughter Scoring points couldn’t be dafter Checkmate trust revoked, poor trait Checkmate learning to hate,  is it all too late? Reset the game, change the rules Checkmate in life could be for fools Checkmate put in context … More Checkmate

clickety clack

​Hurtling forward  Clickety clack The train is speeding, down a new track The signals are red But I can’t slow it down Maybe I should be dressed as a clown You are the buffers You will hold me close Render me speechless, make me feel most You are the danger The spark to my flame … More clickety clack

The fog that you left

​Mist rising upwards like gossamer threads Clearing my mind from the fog, that you left Treading in circles, the pathway obscured The mist is slowly burning off, a signpost has cleared Chosing a way to move forward in my life Tears replaced, smiling revived

Happiness Road

​Which is the road that leads to happiness Is the sign post instantaneous Does one tread a path and start anew Or should one do a life review A commitment made has become a burden Start a new life, new diversion Where to dump the heavy load Grief and woe and loneliness Which is the … More Happiness Road

Life is a circus

​Life is a circus Some would say Does that mean a dull grind, day after day Or a series of adventures With new skills to learn Maybe with some stress, to grin and burn Life is a circus  Some would say Populated with clowns sinister or gay But how about the strongman Or the lion … More Life is a circus