spark within

I challenge you, a deal to win Ignite me, light a spark within Hold me close, liberate the waves  Energy, jumps from you, to me, set ablaze I feel set free, relaxed able to be Join me in my wonder Send me to the heights, sate my hunger Liberate me, Join me Ignite me,light a… More spark within


​Shivering colours of exotic hue Weave there way, round me and you Honey brown eyes, glint and laugh Glorious white teeth as you laugh Vermillion lips, trace an autograph Grey eyes sparkling glinting blue Intertwined hair, blonde and bamboo Pink pointed tongues, leave silvery trails Dappled skin, pink tinged amazes Aura radiating colours of flames… More Colours

one memory

​If you could keep but one memory Jut a single memory from your past What would you hold close to you From all your lifes repast Could you distill all that was important  When life doesnt come by installment Would you systematically discard all the dross Memories unimportant, trival or gross Left with the treasures,… More one memory

Cyber Friends

​ In cyberspace their is a race Of people who want a different space Who want to add a layer on To make new friends not take them home Some of them just pass us by Touch our lives, make us, laugh or cry Others linger sharing stories Of life or love and other glories… More Cyber Friends


​I cherish those pieces of you I shared, It had to be enough, the times we cared, Propping me up in times of woe, Helping to fight the common foe, My knight in armour, I think maybe not,  knight in ardour, That’s a possible plot, We never had a future just a here, to adopt,… More jigsaw

Healthy kick

​Calm sea Cloudy sky Walking free Would rather fly Long hike With beautiful views Feet don’t like Blisters, bad news Healthy kick Doing my bit Unfortunately mthink I need a stick Shouldn’t have stopped, must admit  Now Stiff muscles Hobbling now,Oh the pain No more hustles  Where’s the gain Blue sky  Calm sea Tomorrow will… More Healthy kick