Cumulus clouds

Erotic images saturating my mind Cumulus clouds  flying high in the sky Shapes of desire leave reality behind Soaked in sensuality ready to fly. Playing my dream see the pictures clear Slip through the vapours to touch to win Floating on fantasy ready my dear Let our ballet begin.

The forbidden

Where the  forbidden is hidden, the urges  are strong,  adding layers to our escalating pastiche, We want them, we crave them, our excitement surges,  We salivate, normality is breached. The added excitement of secrecy sung, Makes the pleasure and conquest  more sweet, With barely a touch the soaring has sprung, The explosion comes quicker, the … More The forbidden


Sharing time with you Makes me happy       A respite from reality A secret space Touch and embrace       Feelings of insubstantiality Wrap around me Like tendrils of morning mist          Clinging, hard to resist Sharing time with you Is the pinnacle of my week       … More Plunge