From the Haiku Hub challenge Fallen dreams scatter Roots deep in the soil shift, lift New heritage shoots  roots

Light me a spark

​Light me a spark Thats a good start Show me the essence,  of you Then I can view,  you true My heart and mind remain open  To possibilities,  full of emotion Lets relax and go with the flow Early days,lets just get to know Each other Will this feeling grow Beyond the first kisses glow… More Light me a spark


Take me to another land I put myself in your hands Describe things I might never see Make it all alive for me Teach me facts I did not know Make me wiser when I go Share your humour, joy and drive Helps to make us more alive Close my eyes and you are here… More Share

Child within

​Gratuitous Glee Gargantuan Gloating  Magical mischief Fantasical Floating Hubris  Humour  Feelings Flaunted Childish Characteristics  Maturity Morbid Sometimes Responsibility Needs Reversing Kick Laugh Misbehave Play Pranks Responsible Reason Regulated Routine Conforming Code Security Scene Status Quo Intermix the fun Child within Air in the sun.

Doing What You Want

Originally posted on thezombieshuffle:
In life, we are individuals first and foremost.  And as individuals, we are able to do anything we want. Other people can suggest things to us, and they may have a level of influence over us; but we ultimately control our own choices and actions.  No one can force us to…


Kitty A long life lived full of joy, sorrow and caring A time in space, with others, full of sharing So many moments, from your life, to be cherished Other times lived,then forgotten and perished. Childhood highlights, clear in your mind Lilting Irish tones, paint pictures of a kind Burgeoning love, then a partnership strong… More Kitty