Lust or Amore?

I felt the lure , A feeling obscure It was this feeling, I knew who you were On the day that we met, I felt the lure I moved towards you, A feeling so pure Feeling connected, Emotions affected I felt the lure, heart unprotected Such a feeling, lust or amour?


​Golf a new sport to try Learn some new skills to satisfy Learn to hit  a ball with a club How difficult can it be, unless I hit the scrub Stand relaxed and swing from the hips Practice the move, heck have to be a contortionist  Ready to try, they said go to tee  Not … More Golf


​I quite like feet, I think they are kind of neat, If you believe in birth signs, There might be a link, Pisces like feet I think, They should be our heroes,  In praise they get zeros, They carry our weight, Though they are a part, we might hate, As erogenous zones go, For many, … More Feet

Eternal Dream

The bubble has been burst Will that be the worst Life gets in the way Almost every day Changes put a strain On relationships normal chain He/she can make you sad Also make you mad Love is but a guide You cannot run and hide What is this nebulous thing The emotion that pulls our … More Eternal Dream