What is the game?

You need to look carefully  judge the right moment  dally for a second  you could lose  line of sight the numbers are quite crucial  to help you move along if you fail to hit them  the game will go quite wrong wings the size of Icarus   are not the secret of success you need small … More What is the game?


Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy  full of strife Where can I find the simple life Bustling  hustling Ever tussling No time to listen To watch the world glisten Rushing rushing Frenetically hustling Life is busy full of strife Where can I find the simple life I need a space To slow my pace … More Hustling


The journey goes on         The wheel of life turns A new awakening burns                                Thankful to see New ideas to set me free Moving through life Things I can influence               … More Journey

Oasis in Time

Oasis in Time We are strangers  connected in the stratosphere  combining life and fantasy although familiarity  knowing  the other  is becoming more a reality We touch bases sharing our lives,  the parts we want to share are we misrepresenting  is it a swizz Our time spent in banter, play,  in idle chat, with sexy  innuendo … More Oasis in Time

Hold the joy 

Hold the joy of the moment Keep it safe within Whatever happens tomorrow Don’t let the demons in When things pan out in abundance Remember, the moments of bliss They are yours to keep and treasure To forget them would be remiss If  dreams don’t work out and life is hard Don’t give into despair,or … More Hold the joy 


Inside my bag are packed the things that fill my heart with joy the faded, threadbare shawl that whispers  a tinplate soldier toy. Inside my bag wrapped well in cloth  a tiny mirror fragment immortalised inside that glass the ghosts of those I love Some memories are intransigent Inside my bag stowed very safe two … More Home

Moth to Flame

Moth to your flame I am attracted to you Like a moth to your flame  A shining beacon held true  As we join  our refrain I feel your spirit near me  Though you are far away I let my essence flow free  As our spirits interplay Without ever touching you I am drawn, to your  … More Moth to Flame