Never more alive

You are the symphony  Lavish loving orchestra Music resonating to the sky We lay looking at the cosmos I see the ripples from your music  Hear,new sounds as the music hits the stars Watch the pinpoints of light sparked Nerve endings raw Never more alive Than in this moment.


What did I want from this life? Did I understand as I stumbled through? Planning. No, more like serendipity  With no direction, what have I missed? With reaction, rather than considered action What crass decisions have I made? How have those decisions  rolled out across the the cosmos? How have those ripples impacted on others? … More Values


Washed up on an island paradise  Needing to leave,this land of rum and spice Four thousand miles at least to travel How to fix, its  a conundrum, to unravel From the Carib sea so lush and blue To the grey cold world of the North Sea true Sailing in a boat would take too long  … More Flying

Mass transportation

Mass transportation has its place It moves around the human race Not with comfort style and grace But with expediency that we can trace A definate boon, an interface   Moving us long distances in hours not days Space and comfort a premium, that money pays  The juddering jet, held up by spells The ferry … More Mass transportation