Tangoing Goats and somersaulting hearts

It appears way back,
in the mists of time
you made goats dance!

I can almost see them
hoof to hoof , doing
the tango – heads thrown
back in romantic abandon.

Is that your secret -your charm?
you energise goats, mesmerise people,
your antics boost the weary,
wire the unwary yet add clarity to life.

You are my solace, friend, lover,
I warm my hands on your hot body,
my heart races as my lips trace
the contours under your skin.

Your fragrance distinct pungent
with smokey undertones draws me,
my lips are drawn in an erotic
dance my tongue laps at your essence.

My lips are covered in creamy bubbles
as I lift my head reluctantly away,
Inhaling your pheromones as I
smile at you with adoration.

My heart skips and somersaults
thuds and thumps, it seems you
can make hearts dance like goats.

I want to love you
Stay true to you
but I know
this is our last touch as lovers.

Next time we meet it will
be as acquaintances,
I will smell your distinctive
pheromones, remember your
taste, your heat, I will nod
but regretfully I will
not kiss you.
You are a poisonous
drug you scar my heart.

Samantha Beardon

A challenge to write about coffee!


I found a picture of you
Made me think, made me blue
It’s always hard when love moves on
Thought I was over you, not mourning what’s gone

I found a picture of you
Made me think, remember true
All the funny times we used to share
The giggling in corners, smirking at friends hair
Moments of memory, to treasure not despair

I found a picture of you
Made me think, a life review
The good, the bad, the joy the hurt
You were a selfish pig you held me back I was dessert
You taught me much, of life then – left me to revert

I found a picture of you
Made me think, I have started a new
What lessons I learned, from our love affair
Have made me stronger taught me when to care
I learned to love me ,
yet still have love to spare

I found a picture of you
Made me think, pastures new
I realised you were a hollow dream
A picture of love not always supreme.

Samantha Beardon