Escape from reality

Daydreams, night schemes, Escape from reality, a little ego and vanity, Imagining a life together, always smiling whatever the weather, Rosey glow , when really I know, Pipe dreams crazy schemes, Charisma abounds excitement confounds, Reality check from a distance, you are perfect, Reading between the lines  you commit a few crimes, Happily ever after, … More Escape from reality


Love is the joy, Love is the motivator, Love is the buzz, Love is the decoy, Love is the lance stabbing the unwary, Love is a dance, Love turns the wheels, Love can be bitter, Love can be sweet, Love can destroy, Love can be a laser cauterising the heart, Love can be pain tearing … More Love

The little Things

It’s the little things that spark the memories The simple things that warm the heart Reminders of you in life’s accessories Like a summer day and a walk in the park It’s the little things that spark the memories The complex things that chill the heart Reminders of problems in life’s accessories Like a thunderstorm … More The little Things


Sharing  our intimate fantasies We need trust,to stop tragedies   Unlocking our ideas exciting immense Exploring wildness  feelings intense So many situations we could try out Sharing ideas, time and about  Making the pictures held in our heads Come alive and become real instead Partners in pleasure trying our dreams Rising so high within the jet … More Fantasy


Words,those insubstantial marks on the page Concepts from the mind, retrieved from life’s  stage Words those insignificant sounds, reaching our ears Communicating our  needs, joys, and fears What makes those words such a potent force? When each receiver, tunes in, differently!  Of course! Words. The pictures produced in the receiver’s  mind    Influenced by  experiences, … More Words


Sometimes we explore all realms of being Life, and emotions it’s totally freeing Trust that binds us allows for sharing All ideas pondered, our intimacy baring Expression lands us raw and intense Ideas unlocked excitingly immense Adventures discovered as we move through life Supporting each other through trouble and strife ​Sometimes we explore all realms … More Exploration