Made up words

We all use our own version of words from time to time like thingamajig, moster, Snart when you sneeze and fart at the same time. Squitch to rummage around Textpectation Hiberdating…when somebody ignores friends because they are dating Ambitchious..striving to be more than your normal bitch!  Smurry Ee. Cummings used them in his poetry he … More Made up words

The loop poem. 

Loop Poem  Loosely, a loop poem can pertain to any type of poem, there is no rules on length or rhyme or meter, only that for each stanza or verse, the last word of a line becomes the first word of the next line and the last word of that line becomes the first word … More The loop poem. 


Hot sun, running fast , dry throat sweating,  panting, heavy slope, On the brink  of decline, Dive into a vat  of  wine, Now trying to stay afloat, Running from life.  Footnote