I lay underneath star and moonlight shine  Gazing  at the universes majesty A shower of sparks across  heaven’s line Underlines lifes fragile mortality Mother moon bathes all, universal glow Though shadows fall creating pools of darkness  World sparkling bright as day its scars still show From evil this bright light gives no catharsis Can beauty … More Philosophical


The relentless beat of insect wings The incessant  drone of the bee Sounds so loud to my sensitive nerves So many sounds for free The hunting cry of the owl at night The barking of the fox All these sounds are so intense  A quintessential paradox

Swinging high

Swinging high oh so high Flying free above the earth Breath coming fast Exhilaration my repast The time at last has come To break away,  leave  this troubled life Swinging high oh so high Mother moon fills my vision Bathing the world in glorious light Making daylight out of night One more pass should aid … More Swinging high

Lines in Poetry

What are the things that make you choose the length of your lines in your poetry if you are not using a set classical form? What do you know about using lines to enhance your poem? Here are somethings I have learned. Can you add to my knowledge  Always read your poem aloud to understand … More Lines in Poetry

Riding the Storm

The air feels heavy with foreboding as colour leaches out of the daylight greyness turns coppery and progresses to near darkness Lightening flares and strobes across the sky as thunder rolls like cannonades the jagged spears tear open the sky the world is      phosophorus illuminated then fades back to near darkness The storm … More Riding the Storm

Butterfly Love

Floating high floating free Floating high floating free Abundant beauty for  eyes to see Abundant beauty for  eyes to see To see  beauty, for eyes  – free  floating Floating  high – abundant   Gracious butterfly fill me with wonder Gracious butterfly fill me with wonder Remind me of the beauty love Remind me of the … More Butterfly Love


A Haibun – Japenese form that includes a prose poem and a Haiku. Time stood still as You walked into the water spangled mist Memories washed over me The sound of your voice Your smile that special look Drowned by the sound of roaring water Pain intensified Overhead swooping bird  Steals happiness drops sadness Memories … More Memories