​Love comes in many forms

Hard  to articulate, sort the norms

Child to parent

Parent to child

Strong love bonds mostly arise

Can we even count the guises

The instances where love arises

The turbulent emotions with our siblings

Or best friends who help us fix things

Love given with conditions

Or freely offered no omissions

Romantic love in all its forms

The crush, the lust, the dream the storms

That forever love that disappears

Leaving scars for years and years

New love burning oh so bright 

Maybe the flame can’t last in daylight

Love that delivers pleasure then pain

Shrivels the soul, aportions blame

Love is ever present

Ever present is love

When romantic love seems to falter

Find the love in the other quarters

For where ever you are, in the cycle of love

Keep planting the seeds there is always enough

Deep inside the flame of love burns bright

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