Colours of love 

​What are the colours associated with love, are such fanciful notions new to you

Do you think it bizarre, to spread out the colours, to compare their hues

My notion of love in this context, would be,of sex and desire

The love related to intimacy

If I put up a chart would the colours vary, between old and new love?

Would each swatch be a  match,for each stage of the game, would that be tough?

My notion is that each relationship has different nuances and different lengths of stages

So each love, each swatch would have its own vivacity

So while fizz, bang, storm will rage, the density, andintensity will modulate in different phases

So how to pick the colours?

So colour me , attraction in a muted colour pallet 

With lust burning  with bright and shimmering bursts of raw colour

Desire in smouldering heavy tones

I pick up my colour chart thinking of my loves 

Teasing out the strands marking each with the care that love behoves 

Washing the darkness from the strands 

Making my memories of old love clear and free of bitterness

Then moving to colour this new love with a rainbow of magnificence 

As I indulge in the colours of love

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