Reunion Fifty years on.

​Fifty years, where has it gone

Left with lifes myriad ghosts and many lines of song

Fifty years since we all arrived

To start our nurse training, young vibrant and alive

A group of girls who had never met

Thrown together to mesh,to blend into a safety net

Three years of training, working and living close together

Some bonded close, but all formed a bond that revives what ever

Disparate interests and backgrounds at the start

Each keen to learn the nursing art
Fifty years of love and life have passed

Marriage, families, life’s  travails, but all have still plyed their craft

Fifty years celebrated with chat and reminisce 

Each adding memories to the mix, giving us all a glimpse

Of the time that made lasting changes to the mix

Fifty years that is quite a fix

That perhaps helped form those girls, into women of strength

Who have continued joy, caring and compassion thence

Fifty years yet still those girls are standing there

Maybe a little changed but still essentially the same, I declare
Fifty years still able to meet

Well girls ain’t that quite a feat? 
This is the story of a group of women who started to train as nurses in June 1966 at a hospital in England. Who all married had families and who all continued to work most for another 40 years as nurses. They met last week to celebrate their 50 year reunion of meeting and training. This is my tribute to them. 

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