What makes your writing boring?

​What makes your writing boring 

Other than the obvious …you have no ideas

What if your tale is magical but your prose is in arrears 

What makes your writing boring 

The tale just comes out flat

People give up reading and settle for a nap

The pundits say too many filter words can slow  the story down

Take care with have, believe, and decide

Seem, can also make people frown

You can’t let your protaganist think 

Or even hear a sound, or notice or see or touch

It seems that you can’t let your protaganist, do anything very much

What makes your writing boring 

Perhaps keeping  your characters awake

If they snoozed through your story ,you wouldn’t  make these mistakes!

What makes your story boring 

So many little writing flaws

During the editing process you have to change the words on the doors


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