Ah Winter.

​Is winter here yet? 

Winter set into my heart many months ago

The freezing block rimed with sparkling ice

Growing bigger with my fountain of black tears

How I long for the heat of summer to release me 

To allow me from this numbed prison.
Is winter still here?

Since I felt your love slipping away from me 

I feel the coldness of the north winds 

Chilling my very bones as I continue in life as an automaton 

Paying lip service to my chores and responsibilities

Doing what I must with an absence of joy.
Ah, winter!

Today the season has caught up with my already wintery soul

Outside the grass is silvered and sparkling with frost

The sky is grey but under the clouds I see a golden glow

No significant heat to purge the voracious cold

But adding brightness to cheer and enough heat to melt the icy vapour
Ah, darkness!

You make the winter days feel long 

Daylight is at a premium the day skewed to favour darkness

This suits my feeling of melancholy my dissaffection with the world

Like an animal I can guard my hurts and hibernate

I need not shine a light on your lack of caring.
Hibernation is impossible life gets in the way

As winter approaches we live in close array

The darkness is a complication but our lives are full of light

In the cold midwinter, we stay cozy make things right.
Ah, winter

It is a season of more than dark and cold

Nuts and berries on the trees food for creatures 

The warmth of a roaring fire ,as we take our ease

The beauty of the virgin  snow on garden, tree and field

Logistics can be difficult but as humans we succeed.
Ah, winter

Have I lost your love

Let us sit by the fire and air our souls

May the ice on my heart be melted in the glow

Even if your love has disapated 

I need to tackle winter, love it and extoll.

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