My internal monologue

My internal monologue is mine alone

Some of it hidden, like a dog hides a bone

Some of it’s shared with those I love

But those darker thoughts, are shoved

Into minds recesses, shrouded and clothed.
Sometimes my monologue, shows in my face

Irritation, impatience mirror my distaste

I am adept at hiding , some of my feelings

Looking serene when the mind is reeling

My internal monologue is mine alone.
Some people think they can predict my moves

My reactions transparent, well oiled groves

They don’t understand, when my choice is askew

When I take an altogether, alternative view   

My internal monologue is mine alone.
Is there always, a part hidden away?

Ideas, memories, beliefs, that hold sway

Those deepest doubts, the darkest fears

The naughty needs, the mental scar, opinion drear

My internal monologue affects the personae I present.

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