The enforcer

My wrath can be great, I am the enforcer

My compassion can be great, I am the assuager

I am here to defend all that is good 

I am here to punish the bad, am I understood?

I have been created to subdue the outdated beliefs

To quell the  need for conflicts, to lead to new reliefs

Love and peace is my first option but please understand

These swords in my hands, are more than metal bands

They spew love or retribution  with equal force

I will not hesitate to find the just cause

When things are looking bad

In the blink of eye you might catch, the flutter of feathers 

As I fly by, vengance and compassion  my tools for all weathers

I am the enforcer, I am the assuager, fashioned in the balance

Hope you never need me life can be a pennance.

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