Youthfulness v age or Ode to the Older woman

In your teens you were shy

No self confidence, didn’t pull the guys

Body language, tended to say, dont talk, go away
In your thirties feeling better

career confidence, go getter

 still  self conscious but trying harder

Body language more blaise

 come talk, I might stay
In your forties, life full on

career rocketing, running the baton

 social life on the rise, push on to reach the prize

 lack of self confidence a hidden drawback

developing hobbies, life more astonishing

body language  becoming open

 come talk and smile with me
In your fifties, wanting a change

career pressures become a pain

realising the need to nurture  the self

Grow, develop, new ways to happiness

body language confident open

master of experiences, come spark with me
In your sixties self fulfilled, 

feeling youthful,  life chilled

you seem to have matured like fine wine

 feeling more attractive more aligned

body language all inclusive,

 jumping fences, come fly with me.
Age today, is only a number

Youthfulness is a  lifestyle choice

Listen to your bodies song, 

because you are truly awesome.

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