Love songs and poems

Listening to the love songs

reading the poetry books

love should be out there

 can’t be overlooked

take my breath away

love at first sight

these are the prizes

if the authors are right

looked around the corners

 under the seats

in my life, that sort of love

seems to have me beat

take a deep breath, what do I smell

old socks , damp washing on the line

where are the  roses or jasmine 

romantic and fine

I think I have

had the sparks and the flashes

but not the full thunderstorm

or arel those songs and poems

so far from the norm

Is companionship and friendship

a more sustainable refrain

am I searching for unicorns

pots of gold, bubbles in champagne

I want to taste the sweetness 

of honey on my tongue

yes still I am searching

for a cliched romantic world of my own

Then I look up as a shadow drains the light

you walk into the house smiling

perhaps my shining knight

am I wasting my life on improbable profiling

Is my love with me

but my mind doesn’t see?

I am confused, who can help me?

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