A permanent smile on my face When we meet touch base Our interactions somewhere in space My mind’s touch to trace Your image ingrained Deep in the terrain Of the recesses of my brain Your conversation and charm never constrained When I think of you I try and decide Which way will our friendship goContinue reading “Friendship”

Ruminations on beliefs

I discovered a secret so true today It made be stop and rethink my philosophy We all need affection a connection To be appreciated and to stop misdirection Misdirection that maybe stunts our growth That we use in our world to hold back our feelings Or maybe to stop the status quo from unreeling OurContinue reading “Ruminations on beliefs”

Silly mood by Eve

I am in a silly mood Certainly not for lack of food This crazy streak May make me wreak Happy havoc As I speak I want to make the whole world smile Although that may take a while So instead will start with you Try to will you smiling too!