Coming up from within.

Originally posted on Jo Traveller:
I am in awe Blown away Can’t ever unsee What I saw tonight Thankful for the awakening I am abundant Connected and pure Can’t ever change what is Only how I see And my eyes are open I am love Can love myself Without guilt or self hatred And still…

Ruminations on beliefs

I discovered a secret so true today It made be stop and rethink my philosophy We all need affection a connection To be appreciated and to stop misdirection Misdirection that maybe stunts our growth That we use in our world to hold back our feelings Or maybe to stop the status quo from unreeling OurContinue reading “Ruminations on beliefs”

Converging Lives Meet Rick

Meet Rick from Converging Lives one of the main protagonists… An adrenaline junky, loves extreme sport Married to an older woman…he was her toyboy…. Always, since first sexually aware, drawn to older women He has a big appetite for extra marital scores, but doesn’t want to lose marriage perks and still cares for Gillian. HeContinue reading “Converging Lives Meet Rick”

First post Internet relationships

I am writing a novel set around internet friendships and have done much research into emotional relationships. I have not been researching the internet dating scene, those people who are actively  searching. Instead I have. been looking at relationships that have occurred serendipitously. Relationships that spring from chance meetings on games sites or the socialContinue reading “First post Internet relationships”